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Cheating on Empire Avenue – Missions

Posted by mandyf on March 28, 2012

I rarely reblog anything on this blog, but Vitus has produced a post regarding cheating on Empire Avenue Missions that is spot on. It is a widespread problem and it is something that has been addressed, to  degree, through some groups, but not in a way that ends it – I have a mission master that screwed me three times in one day on missions – and there is no valid excuse because that person was going from one to another without stopping.

Is there an answer to it all… I dunno… I sure as hell Vitus’ pain though.


Cheating on Empire Avenue – Missions.


3 Responses to “Cheating on Empire Avenue – Missions”

  1. AshDHart said

    I’ve only done a couple missions so far and with each one I have seen this. I can only imagine how frustrating it would be after doing numerous ones. Starting a community is on solution I have seen but seems like having to police it that way isn’t the best way either.

  2. mandyf said

    I came up with a solution that makes me feel better (even though it punishes me too). If someone habitually does not complete my missions and I see on their timeline they are grabbing more – I sell off some shares. If I paid out 2k, for instance, that really cost me 4k (2k to the mission doer and 2k to EAv), I sell of 5k worth of shares. 4k to recoup the cost and 1k as a penalty. I lose some good divs to be sure, but I feel better and send a subtle message. There is a price to pay for cheating me over and over. I don’t do it for a mess up here and there – I know stuff happens beyond our control at times – but if you do it to me 3x in one day or a few times a week – that shows me you’re not even trying.

  3. AshDHart said

    I like your solution. I hadn’t thought of that one. In this case the divs aren’t worth it. I’m going to start doing this with repeat offenders.

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