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Getting past the Pendapalooza hangover

Posted by mandyf on March 26, 2012

You made it through Pendapalooza and life is almost returning to normal. You’ve eaten a meal that didn’t consist of chips and caffeine. You’ve slept at least 3 hours in a row. The indentation in the chair you sat in has actually begun to puff back out again now that you have unglued yourself from it. You’re actually functioning like a real human again instead of a crazed day trader hunting down the next big thing and scrambling to make reciprocal buys. The dust has settled. Now what?

What comes next will be different for a lot of people. Some people exit Pendapalooza riding a high only to feel like they got kicked in the groin several dozen times by a toddler with those white shoes that have really hard toes. As great as Pendapalooza is, not everyone has the same strategy the week or two following it ending. It can be a pretty big shock to log in each day and see that even though your divs are climbing and networking scores are steady or improving, you’re fighting to stay in the green. You may find yourself wondering how long you stick with buys you made that maybe aren’t panning out how you expected.

I can’t answer all those questions. I’m even wondering how the post-Pendapalooza scenarios will play out for me. Just to help you be aware of things that might happen – here are a few tidbits I’ve picked up that keep me from making the Jackie Chan meme face hours on end after I log in.

Why you keep selling my shares?

1. Sometimes, people that just purchased your shares will sell off your shares just as fast. Not everyone will do this, but there is a certain number of people that certainly will. For instance, I watched someone buy 600 shares of me Sunday morning around 9am. At 9:30 they sold 100. At 10:30 they sold another 100. They continued to do this until they held only 25 shares? Why? I bought 350 0f their shares!  Who knows? It doesn’t even actually matter. You just have to shrug and accept it can happen. Maybe his strategy was to buy big, get the big reciprocal buys, sell off and repeat over and over. There are people that do it. It is a strategy.

2. There will be some people that maybe overextended them self as they got wrapped up in the frenzy of buying without realizing that post-Pendapalooza, buys do tend to go back to their normal rate and commissions aren’t as plentiful as they were for that one glorious day. As a result, some folks will sell off shares they just bought to help get past a little temporary eaves crunch. Nothing you can do about it, just accept it and move on.It happens. It even happened to me my first Pendapalooza.

3. “I bought tons of shares in new people – now I’m not sure it was the right thing.” Buyers remorse is a fact of life. Not everyone in the game can afford to tie up a few million, or even a few hundred thousand, in non-performing shares. The question is – how soon is too soon to sell off those shares?

My general rule of thumb for post-Pendapalooza sales:

Sometime around 7-10 days after Pendapalooza has finished, I look over all the new players I purchased shares in. The active players I stick with. If someone has no activity, or maybe a dozen or so actions on EAv for the past week, I put them on a three day watch. If over the next three days they do not show any/more activity on EAv or strong activity on their networks, I may sell off half of my holding in them and then reevaluate in 4-5 days whether to hold or sell off to where we have just matched shares.

If a player is showing activity, but they haven’t engaged with me in some way for ten days, I may sell off some shares depending on what their Divs look like and whether or not they offer opportunities for me to engage with them such as missions. Do they offer any or do they complete mine? There are a lot of ways to engage. There is no hard and fast formula, a lot of it is going with gut instinct. Sometimes it is right and at others wrong. Either way though, I learned to not make snap decisions about post Pendapalooza sell-offs.

4. “It’s not as exciting as that glorious weekend anymore…” True enough. Pendapalooza is one heck of an exciting time. At first, there is a little let down, but then you start to see how a new world opened up. You have new contacts, access to new missions, new content to interact with and more people to add to your networks. Believe me, you’ll stay busy. By the time you get everything sorted out and feel like you’re caught up and where you want to be – it will be time to prepare for another Pendapalooza.

Everyone comes away from Pendapalooza with a slightly different experience. It helps to realize something I wish I knew coming out of my first – the game changes for you in some ways. No matter how good a job you do playing the game and making buybacks – some people will sell you off. Don’t take it personally. Sell them off as well if it makes you feel better and makes strategic sense. Give people time to buy back or reach out to you. Some players may have as many as 100 new investors that flooded in over that one day – they can’t meaningfully connect with everyone immediately. Have some patience.

The biggest thing to take from it all is the fun you had. If you didn’t have some fun, you didn’t do it right. At the end of the day, it’s a game.


5 Responses to “Getting past the Pendapalooza hangover”

  1. Tom Laing said

    Good advice Mandy – what do you use for monitoring shareholders?

  2. mandyf said

    I use the rather unscientific method of a pad and pen. I know a lot of players use spreadsheets and online tools, but I just jot down their ticker symbols. It’s working well enough so far. Each day when I do one of my two rounds of buys, if I see a ticker that is engaging with me somehow on EAv or elsewhere, I cross them off my list and count them as a hold/buy stock. After 7-10 days, if a name still shows no engagement or some reason that it seems like they are a good hold, I still wait a couple more days to see if things change. If after two weeks there is nothing signaling me that it is an advantageous use of eaves to hold their shares, I sell off and reinvest in more shares of players I am engaging with. I actually fully divest few players doing this. I know we have lives outside of the game so I try to give as much time as I can afford to. It works well enough for now because I rarely sell someone off once I actively start buying them and working on maxing them out. I am hoping that at some point I will get where it doesn’t matter, but I’m still young enough in the game that having 50-100k eaves tied up in people not playing does hurt. I’d rather use that to buy more pie (coming this week) to buy more of the players I enjoy associating with or find new players to give a shot.

  3. Nakeva said

    Wow, what a gem to find in my daily newsletter fix. Thanks for your write up of our event Mandy. John Gushue hosted this time and did his best to keep things going. The [X]Pendapalooza, meant to sound like “ex-spendapalooza,” was crazy to me at first but I learned it was a test of the Pay It Forward attitude. Sometimes it works, other times, it just reminds you of how people are in life. Givers and takers and the camouflage snakes in the grass. For me, [X]Pendapalooza is a fun way to give a boost to people not at my level and I don’t have to go do all the research 🙂

    Your tips are on point! Some people will buy and hold, some will sell off within a day or two, others will not even buy a share then you see them at the next event with their hands out again. The best thing to do is buy others at a comfortable amount you want to spend and do exactly what you proposed (and what I do): wait 7 to 10 days then weed out the inactive people that will not earn you anything to invest in them or others (although they do at least add to total number of shares owned for achievements).

    This time to keep up with my investments I used Evernote and Springpad. This way I had I snapshot copy of the list of people to buy, then using Springpad I could keep a digital list of their profile and make any necessary notes. I thin its funny I even go through the trouble as if I were earning any real money, but I like to know with whom I’m connecting and work on establishing real world connections if its feasible.

    I do hope you had fun and found a few new investments worth your time. Its been great knowing you so far and I do need to improve my conversation time with you for sure! My bad 😉


  4. mandyf said

    Great tips on the tracking – certainly better than my pad and pen! I love Pendalooza – I look forward to it, think it is a great time, and enjoyed being able to buy this time rather than hope to be bought. My first I had been playing barely a month so there wasn’t much to work with. I have been pleased so far – I have made some connections I think will be great. A few – I wonder a little, but there is always going to be some good and bad. I enjoy that now, I could go out and invest in 45-50 new people in a more meaningful way than 5-10 shares as well as being able to offer a few easy missions for the other participants.

    My feeling is that if all a person takes from the event is how many eaves they stashed away or how many people bought into their shares they missed the best part of the game. I got to speak to more new people in maybe 6 hours than I may in a month. I found players I can’t believe I never noticed before. I reconnected with people that left the game a month or two I was unaware had returned. It’s all about the connections -and to that end Pendapalooza is always, to me at least, a success and great community building initiative EAv is richer for.

  5. Great to hear you had fun and made plenty of contacts. That’s what it’s all about.

    The name of the event, by the way, is [X]Pendpalooza – there’s an X in there for a reason! All the best …


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