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The world’s most expensive brands of beer

Posted by mandyf on March 21, 2012

The world’s most expensive brands of beer is a very short and very elite list. The chances are you have probably never even heard the specifics of these unless you are a true connoisseur. More than likely you won’t find these in your local pub unless you happen to live very close to their brewery, but in some cases you can occasionally find them at select liquor stores or online directly from the brewery. When you see the list of these fine brews, and their corresponding price, you may find yourself unable to look at that 6-pack you pick up on the weekend the same way ever again.

 While the first bottle of Tutankamun Ale sold for an amazing $7,686, you can find the rest of the batch hovering in the range of $55 -$60. Only 1,000 bottles of this brew were made by archaeologists of Cambridge University’s Egypt Exp;oration team which is why the price is so high, it isn’t really based on the taste. After the first bottle was sold, the rest sold at $76 and have since lost value aside from when they are auctioned off, usually for charity which means they have gone as high as $500. While Tutankhamun Ale cannot be left of the list, it also cannot really be considered on the same level with the two other beers which are regularly produced and distributed traditionally.

Utopias from Sam Adams/Boston Beer Company was once in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive beer, and although it has lost that title it maintains its record as the world’s strongest beer at 50 proof. The distinct taste you notice in a Utopia comes from oak, vanilla, and caramel and should be served at room temperature. The other distinctive feature is that Utopia is non-carbonated which often confuses people as to whether it is a beer or not. With a price of $100 per copper plated brew kettle which is how these are sold, you can be sure this is one of the most elite and expensive beers in the world. While it has slid to number two, many feel that this is still the best beer on the market. Should you get your hands on a bottle of Utopia, it is designed to be served in two ounce portions in a snifter, yo don’t want to chug this down. With each kettle holding 24 ounces you even have enough to share if served as directed.

Finally weighing in at 4/5 of a pint with a price tag of $395 per bottle is Carlsberg Vintage No.1, the world’s most expensive beer. Unless you have plenty of money and are willing to take your chances on the bottle being shipped to you in tact. or you happen to live in Copenhagen, you are probably never going to get a sip of this wonder. Vintage No. 1 is only served in three restaurants at this time and its availability online through Carlsberg is spotty at best as they only produce 600 bottles each year. The odd thing about Carlsberg Vintage No. 1 is that the reviews on its taste are mixed at best and Carlsberg produces this vintage at a financial loss.

There you have the most expensive brands of beer in the world. If they are out of range there are some decent pricey brews which are far more readily available but still make you look like you are beyond the “casual” connoisseur. Michelob Celebrate runs about $10 per bottle, as does Stone Imperial Russian Stout. A slight step up is Dogfish Head’s “Fort” which goes for about $16 per bottle.


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