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Agnes Torres Hernandez killers being rounded up

Posted by mandyf on March 20, 2012

The murderers of slain Mexican human rights activist, Agnes Torres Hernandez, may face the consequences that come when individuals commit heinous crimes against humanity. While she was laid to rest on the thirteenth of March, 2012, her killers were still at large and there was a more than passing question as to whether they would be vigorously pursued or not. With five murders of LGBT persons in Puebla still technically on the books from 2012 alone, there was serious doubt that authorities would react appropriately. Thanks, in part, to massive international online attention and pressure, the authorities did act and have brought in 4 of the 5 persons considered suspects in the Agnes Torres murder.

With suspects in custody, the true story of the murder of Agnes Torres is becoming clearer. She was invited to a birthday party for Bueno Mazzocco on a Friday evening. By all current accounts, she drove herself there. Four men and one youth whose identity is not being disclosed were at the location, a ranch in Chipilo, waiting for her. The problem is, there was no birthday party. It was a lie. Luis Fernando Bueno Mazzocco, Augustín Flores Zechinelli, Marco Antonio Berra Espezzia, and a minor were present, but not in a birthday party mood. Jorge Flores Zecchenelli, Agnes Torres’ boyfriend, was also there. What happened after that is only coming out in small bits and pieces now.

It is known that Agnes Torres was beaten and burned. The men claim they did not torture Torres and that the burns are the result of a fire they set to her car which they had planned to steal and sell – their entire motivation for luring her to a secluded ranch. Varying reports indicate that the burns on Torres’ body are not consistent with that scenario and that the story does not fit in a few key areas police are not making public at this time. Her throat was slit and she was dumped in a ditch. That was how she was discovered.

At this point, no one is commenting as to what the motive for the murder was. It is believed that the suspects are going to claim it was a straight forward murder to obtain her vehicle. Several people acquainted with Torres and the case believe that the murder was actually based on the fact that Torres was a transsexual woman. There is a more than possible theory that her boyfriend was being taunted about this and was put up to, at the least, participating in the murder itself to prove his manhood. It has been established that he was the person that invited Torres to a party he knew to be a sham.

At this time, Jorge Flores Zecchenelli is still at large. His last known location was somewhere in the Yucatan where he has been successfully evading the authorities. His capture has been made a priority, but it is believed that he is being harbored an aided by individuals and groups sympathetic to hm. It has been theorized that if caught, he will raise a defense based on his not knowing the party was a sham or that Torres was transsexual so that he can allege his part in the murder was an act of passion upon discovery of said fact. It is the same defense that has been used around the world with great success for decades and has only recently been invalidated in the US.

Please pass this along. Please make sure that the murderers of Agnes Torres Hernandez pay for the crimes they committed. It is of the utmost importance that we as a global community continue to keep her story alive. A number of Mexican papers and online outlets are dehumanizing Agnes already with references to her as “former him”, “shim”, “it”, “shemale seductress”, “tranny predator” and labels I won’t even print. At this time, the authorities seem more than willing to call this a murder motivated by theft alone without exploring the possibility of other motivations. Some political leaders are pushing to keep the possibility of a hate crimes charge a possibility, although the odds of that happening are slipping away. If we as a global community continue to keep her name alive on the web, we can help keep the pressure on the politicians and police in Puebla to do a thorough and just investigation.


5 Responses to “Agnes Torres Hernandez killers being rounded up”

  1. sallykwitt said

    Reblogged this on Bruce and Sally Witt and commented:
    This story is so sad and shocking. My friend Amanda explains it so well, so I am reblogging her post. Thank you.

  2. sallykwitt said

    This story deeply saddened me. I did reblog it to help spread the word. Thanks for sharing Amanda, but I wish that it had never happened.

  3. mandyf said

    I wish it never happened wither Sally, and thank you for helping spread this. She was a wonderful compassionate young woman that did nothing but try to help others. This is something that has deeply disturbed and shaken me.

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  5. Reblogged this on dexterhotel and commented:
    Apparently Live And Let Live hasn’t reached certain murderous types. This is just sad.

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