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If you need more reasons not to smoke, try these on

Posted by mandyf on March 18, 2012

It is no secret that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, but people keep doing it because they are addictive and that cool smooth flavor is too much to give up for most. Statistic after statistic can be cited about the cancer rates for smokers, as can all those numbers floating around about the damage of second hand smoke. If those aren’t enough to make you think about quitting, and the outrageous prices haven’t necessitated taking on a second job to keep puffing away and made you consider quitting, maybe these facts about cigarettes will.

* Cigarettes have been proved to increase the risk of blindness in the later stages of life. In a British study that followed smokers it was discovered that macular degeneration in smokers was around 2 ½ times more prevalent than non-smokers of the same age. Other factors can obviously be in play, but seriously, who wants to go blind?

* Smokers run a higher risk for osteoporosis. Smokers have been noted to have bones ranging from 5%-10% less dense than non-smoking contemporaries. That means in basic terms your bones are more brittle which means they break easier. If that doesn’t sound bad, just ask anyone over the age of 60 how fun a hip replacement surgery is. For that fact ask anyone at any age how fun it is. People with brittle bones tend to take longer for those broken to heal as well. It is an all around losing proposition.

* If internal issues don’t bother you much, how about the things you can see? Smokers look older at a younger age than they should. Smoking messes with your hydration levels which messes with your skin and makes you look like an alligator bag way before your time. Throw in yellow fingernails, stained teeth stinky hair and a mouth that tastes like an ashtray and it doesn’t seem so attractive anymore.

* Men may enjoy knowing that smoking increases the odds of being impotent. That is always fun. Sure you can try Viagra or get the pump or implant to Help keep thing on the up and up, but why? Is smoking really worth making Mr. happy so mad he won’t report for duty? Think about it, you get one penis and the benefits of a healthy sex life are well documented. If you mess up the one you have that is it. The technology of growing a functional penis in a Petri dish hasn’t had all the kinks worked out yet. Just don’t risk it!

* Does being 3-4 more times at risk to have a heart attack over non-smokers cause a moment of pause in you? A heart attack is no fun and it can kill you. Not years off in the future, right on the spot. A heart attack can drop you like a half smoked pack of Camels, and there is nothing cool about that.

* How about all the chemicals cigarettes contain? Some cigarettes contain Ambergenis which is whale vomit, and others pig hemoglobin. That’s pretty nasty. If you’re okay with those however what about acetone, carbon monoxide, ammonia, ethanol. Hexamine, arsenic, methanol, DDT, and butane? That is some heavy duty stuff and with every puff you’re mainlining it.

The odds are nothing contained in here will make you quit if you don’t want to already, but it may stop someone from starting. Kicking the habit of smoking is hardly if ever easy no matter how bad you know it is for you – and that comes from someone that quits all the time.


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