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Practical uses for club soda around the house

Posted by mandyf on March 17, 2012

Club Soda is more than just a beverage or mixer, it has solid practical uses that everyone can take advantage of. It can be used around the home, the car, even on yourself and your plants for a number of alternative uses. The best thing about club soda is that it is cheap and available almost everywhere. While almost everyone knows about soaking a clothing stain in club soda to get it out quickly, here are few practical alternative uses for club soda you might not be aware of.

As stated above, club soda works wonders lifting stains from clothes, especially stains caused by wine or any dark beverage. In fact most food stains and even grease and blood can be mostly lifted by dabbing club soda over the fabric if you are wearing it and not in a place that you have a change of clothes. Using club soda as a stain remover actually works best when it can be poured over the stain, rubbed in, and allowed to soak for several minutes before wiping it down with a clean cloth.

While club soda won’t fuel your car it will keep it looking sharp. Aside from the obvious ability to lift stains from fabric, it can do wonders for the exterior of your auto as well. If you have the misfortune of needing to deal with bugs or bird droppings that have hardened on the windows, club soda is the answer. Spray or pour a bit of club soda over the windows, let it sit for just a couple minutes and then wipe clean with a rag. Like magic, the remains and the little rings they sometimes leave behind will disappear. You can also use club soda to remove rust and keep your chrome looking shiny like it just rolled off the assembly line. It takes a little elbow grease but it works almost every time.

Club soda has some other nifty alternative uses around the home like being used as an agent for polishing your jewelry. It doesn’t require much work to get the sparkle back on the surface of stones and cut down on the tarnish of chains and bands. How about using club soda as a hair care product? You bet it works! It isn’t all that uncommon during the summer to see blondes that frequent the pool to have a greenish tint to their hair. This is caused by the chlorine in the water. After a swim, rinse your hair with club soda, allow it sit for five minutes or so, and then rinse clean with un-chlorinated water and most if not all of the green tint will vanish. You can even use club soda to keep your plants healthy. The minerals in the club soda are good for your plants, but you need to be sure it has gone flat before feeding it to your leafy friends.

You can even use club soda in the kitchen for more than just a cleaning product or beverage mixer. When you are reading a recipe for something like pancakes, waffles, or cookies for instance, substitute the milk or water portion (preferably water) with club soda. Even if you just add a little club soda in proportion with a reduction to either the milk or water you will find whatever it is you are making comes out fluffier or fuller and provides a nice little flavor twist. You can even use it making fried chicken, or anything fried for that matter to help cut down on the grease present in the final product.

Club soda is so cheap and readily available that it is something you should always have around the house. It does the job that numerous specialty cleaners that cost far more do just as well. It can even help soothe an upset stomach. With all it can do, it is a wonder it isn’t on the shelf in everyone’s pantry.


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