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Mind Candy’s top blogs you should be reading

Posted by mandyf on March 9, 2012

From time to time, I like to share some blogs i read and enjoy with everyone to help spread the fun around. Today I have an eclectic mix that is sure to deliver something that almost anyone can enjoy. I’m not mandating you to run out and read them all, but stop back to this post now and then as you have time and work through them. Each has some wonderful information to share, so do try to hit any that you haven’t seen yet. Even if you have been to these blogs in the past, stop by and show them some love.

Writing From the Right Side of the Stall

If you visit Karen’s blog and all you take from it is that there is a bunch of stuff about horses on it, you’re missing out. There is so much more to explore – and the horse stuff is good too! Karen does great book reviews, has some on the spot posts about journalism and her selections on freelancing are must read for anyone in the trade. She is witty and sharp, bites from time to time, but you’ll like it! I do, and that is why she is must read material!

Gaye Crispin’s Blog

I like Gaye’s blog because I never know what I’m going to get. It’s fun and interactive and Gaye is not shy about re-blogging now and then when she sees something that is worthy. If you can’t find something on here to enjoy, you’re just not trying.

Fail Kitty

I love the Fail Kitty not just because it is my partner Grace’s blog, but because it takes real life social media disasters, tells you what went wrong and then explains why there is so much fail in it so that the reader can understand and learn from those mistakes. I also love it because my kitteh Zoe is the “Fail Kitty” spokesmodel. Isn’t she adorable? Just say yes….Seriously…just say yes…

Bruce and Sally Witt

I love Sally’s blog because she keeps it fresh. There are great posts on historical figures and events, this day in history etc.. Sally has a wonderful way of pulling mixed media in and making for very entertaining posts. You can get lost on her blog for a long time going from post to post without realizing it – and you won’t care because you’ll be enjoying it!

Vision Nordquest

Richard presents some of the most inspirational things on his blog you’ll find anywhere. He also knows when to mix it up with something funny. The best thing I can say about this blog is I never leave disappointed and look forward to the next new post. That is what a blog should be!

Randy Duckworth

I have been reading Randy on a number of platforms for years and I always enjoy what he shares. Randy hits any topic that gets his attention – a lot of music so definitely check it out for that. He also tackles tougher subjects with a thoughtful approach and makes you actually think. I like that I can look at things through his unique perspective, and possibly disagree, but have a better feeling as to why I might. Fortunately, I often agree with Randy!

The Main Street Analyst

Vitus knows how to present a buffet of topics to attract a wide variety of readers – and he does it well. There is a ton of great information here that people should be reading. I like that V knows how to write in a way that you can sense his authority on a topic, but you never feel like you’re being talked down. Good info + good writing = great blog!

This isn’t the end all be all of blogs I enjoy, but this is a good starter course for folks to work through and see what they like. I hope everyone finds a blog they enjoy, and to everyone presented here, my many thanks for keeping me entertained and informed with your knowledge. The time you spend creating and maintaining your blogs is appreciated!


17 Responses to “Mind Candy’s top blogs you should be reading”

  1. Randy Duckworth said

    Great idea for an article Mandy, and I will definitely check out some of your recommendations! Also, thank you for the mention, I am very flattered, my friend. Seems we have both come a long way from our Helium days, huh?

  2. mandyf said

    We certainly have Randy. Much bigger, better and fun things for both of us. I look back at those days sometimes and wonder how I ever worked for that nuthouse! lol

  3. Randy Duckworth said

    LOL I know what you mean. For the most part, I enjoyed my time there, and I definitely learned a lot, but I just reached a point after awhile where I felt the need to move on!

  4. ridexc said

    Okay, now you’re my hero too! I am Not Worthy, but I seriously appreciate the PR! You completely rock, my friend.

  5. txwikinger said

    Reblogged this on txwikinger's blog.

  6. V. said

    Reblogged this on New York City Marketing.

  7. ridexc said

    Reblogged this on Writing From the Right Side of the Stall and commented:
    I don’t normally re-blog, but I got some utterly unsolicited egoboo today courtesy of Amanda Fox, and had to share. (The other blogs she recommends are pretty good, too!)

  8. Some great recommendations! I try to read of few of these daily.

  9. Anne Thomas said

    Very nice recommendations Amanda 🙂

  10. You said “take a minute to read” … thankful that i followed this instruction 🙂

  11. Reblogged this on lastbabyboomer.

  12. Sold list. Not a bad read in the bunch

  13. mandyf said

    Thanks Dan. You’re always a great supporter!

  14. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    I’m bring you a list of great blogs that I have recently visited. Please take a moment and check them out, some bring good views to life and some are just fun.

  15. moarstuff said

    I’ll be looking at these over the next few days or so. Would be nice to find a couple out of there that I can add to my list.

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