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FCKH8 fails customers and then insults them when called on it

Posted by mandyf on February 21, 2012

FCKH8, an organization built on the premise of tolerance, turns out to be extremely intolerant when it comes to their money. Specifically when it comes to parting with their money after they screw over customers that shop in their online store. The concept behind FCKH8 is a good one – even if it is delivered in what is a pretty abrasive manner for most people. For anyone not acquainted with them, they are an organization based on fighting any organizations or individuals that are determined to be haters to the LGBT community. I can get behind that – it’s why my family and most other LGBT families we know try to throw some support behind them – until recently at least.

FCKH8 stays in operation by selling merchandise – mostly tee-shirts. Whatever you get from them is horrifically overpriced, particularly when considering the quality, but we like many others still got behind them because it was an organization supportive of our community. Admittedly, we didn’t buy from them often because like I said – it’s overpriced crap. However we knew that going in so we couldn’t be angry about that. When they had a sale in the summer that made their tee-shirts reasonably priced, we decided to pick a couple more up. This is when we got a first hand introduction to how terrible these people really are when it comes to customer care as well as quality.

We ordered 2 shirts women’s XL’s. We ordered the same size before and they fit just fine. All our info was on file. This should be easy. But a month passed and the notice our order was shipping soon was already looking suspicious. We emailed to check on it. Turns out, they didn’t have the shirts in stock at all. Actually, they supposedly sold out weeks earlier. They were going to get more, sometime, and when they did they would send them to us. We said we’d wait a couple more weeks. Weeks passed – it was now Halloween and there were still no shirts. Again, the FCKH8 rep apologized over and over, we’re working on getting some stuff in, we’ll send them right out.

Christmas arrived and the shirts still had not arrived. We asked for a refund and they said that would work. No refund came though. Finally, Valentine’s Day came and so did the shirts in lieu of the refund. Not actually what we ordered though. We got what, after breaking out the measuring tape, turned out to be a small, not an XL and a junior’s at that – not a women’s. Our 12 year old MIGHT be able to squeeze into one, but once they get washed forget about it. And that’s assuming they don’t fall apart in the wash beforehand.

We contacted FCKH8 about this but no one seems to pick up their phone, and when they do it’s like talking to a kid that only knows how to ineffectually apologize and not fix anything. Here is a bit of a recent exchange with them so you can see how they handle problems in their chat server.

2/19/2012 9:43:52 PM I ordered shirts late last summer when you first ran the $9.99 shirt sale.

After several months, I inquired about the shirts and was told a new printing was going to have to be done because they were out of stock.

After several more months, I inquired again and was told the shirts were discontinued and I would have a refund in my account after a few days.

A week later, no refund. I emailed again – no reply.

Then a package arrived – with the 2 shirts ordered which I had been told were not available.

I had ordered extra large for myself and my partner, although we are not large women, because I know sizing runs small.

The shirts I received had the extra large tag, but barely fit my 90 lb, 5 foot 2 prepubescent daughter.

I’m pissed. I support FckH8. I have made purchases in the past even when it was hard on my pocketbook, and jumped at the chance to afford shirts for myself and my partner. I am completely unhappy and disappointed in the service, communication, and product.

I want a refund. If you want the tiny shirts back, I also want the shipping for the return paid. I think after half a year of dealing with this issue, I deserve more than that, but that is the minimum I will accept.
Staff (Michael C)
2/21/2012 10:00:57 AM We can refund you, but you would need to send the shirts back first, I am sorry. I will then gladly refund you for it.
2/21/2012 10:04:40 AM To ship the shirts back would cost almost as much as the refund since I do not have a business account with either UPS or FedEx. I was told I was getting a refund and would NOT be shipped the shirts as they were not available, and agreed to that – and then instead you shipped these undersized, mis-labeled shirts to me which are no use whatsoever. This is getting ridiculous.
Staff (Michael C)
2/21/2012 10:27:03 AM The shirts you did order were women’s fitted. There is a size chart on our site that explains how those shirts would fit accurately. We ended up getting them back in to fulfill the orders that we were behind on that is why it still went out.
2/21/2012 10:33:13 AM And the shirts laid out on my bed right now measure 18 horizontally across the chest and 27 vertically. A size small according to your own chart. Which is why I said they were obviously MISLABELED as they would barely fit my 12 year old daughter. Geez.

2/21/2012 10:35:50 AM Would you like me to email you a photo of one of the shirts laid out with a tape measure?

We called FCKH8 again and this time we got Michael C. whom we had on chat. Rather than try to find a resolution that actually works, he got pissy and started claiming we didn’t know how to read a size chart. Then it was an issue of us being stupid because in the apparel industry, anything that is labeled women’s is actually juniors and we should know that is the case and order three sizes larger than we think we need. That is news to us. A size up – yes. 3 sizes up? On what freakin’ planet?

And as discussed above, the only approved way to ship back to them is FedEx or UPS, for whatever reason, according to Michael C, so in order to return the shirts we were not supposed to receive after 6 months of total failure on their part to do anything resembling filling our order was to spend more money! The cost to return the shirts would eat a fair portion of what we should have gotten back because – btw – they don’t refund shipping costs even if they screw up, so that was another loss to eat.

But it’s not just us getting FCKD by FCKH8….

From Aknee J. — “on October 12th I ordered a tshirt, two buttons and two bracelets. On October 20th it said it was being shipped. Two weeks later called to see why the tracking info said it wasn’t shipped. They said it would ship by the end of the week, in time to give to my gf for her birthday. Two weeks later it still did not ship. I called to cancel and they said it went to the warehouse to ship. I’ve emailed and called every week since and they claim it will ship by the end of the week. Took my money October 12th and now, December 26th, it still has not shipped. They refuse to refund my money, calling the better business bureau today!”

Rachel G. — “I ordered a $45 hoodie from them. It has been 6 WEEKS and I still haven’t received it. I demanded a refund and they refunded half of my purchase and promised me it would go out within the week. That was 3 weeks ago. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Complaints go back to December of 2009 for failure to deliver goods, delivering the wrong goods, delivering the goods months after ordering rather than weeks or delivering damaged goods. Contrary to popular belief, FCKH8 is not a non-profit – the company that makes their videos is. FCKH8 is a for profit machine so they are beyond fair game. Look up the complaints against them and how they handle them. For an organization that is supposed to be anti-bullying and all about tolerance – they bully the hell out of people and then treat them like crap.

It just goes to show, just because the message is good doesn’t mean the messenger isn’t an a-hole.


14 Responses to “FCKH8 fails customers and then insults them when called on it”

  1. Reblogged this on bewitchedinsalem.

  2. txwikinger said

    If they agreed not to ship anything but to refund you last year, they probably legally are still required to do so. The shipment would then be an unwanted shipment, that depending on the state you live in you might even be able to keep without any obligations.

    So send them a written letter with a demand of the full amount within 2 weeks, also state that interest will accrue from 14 days from the date they agreed to the refund if you do not receive the refund within 14 days.

    Complain to the BBB. Also check with a clerk at your local small claims court. There might be a case of long arm statute to allow you to get a judgment against them in your local small claims court. There still might be a problem to enforce it, because if they are bankrupt you are just one of the creditors.

    DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this post constitutes legal advice, but is merely an academic discussion of legal issues. If you need legal advice, please contact a locally registered attorney.

  3. txwikinger said

    Reblogged this on txwikinger's blog.

  4. mandyf said

    Great stuff Ralph, thank you. I’m definitely going to look into this because we kept every communication on the whole thing. It’s not much money, but I’ve done more for less on principle alone.

  5. sallykwitt said

    How awful! Being “friendly” to a group means that you have to be FRIENDLY!!

  6. purgly said

    I agree with Sally

  7. Anne Thomas said

    I have no problem sharing reviews that are honest, be it good or bad.. Sharing

  8. antoinette5000 said

    this is happening to me right now! it’s been 3 weeks and they keep saying they’re going to ship my shirt, but USPS shows no information on my order. they certainly didn’t waste any time debiting my account for the funds though. such crap.

  9. I have experienced EXACTLY the same thing and as a YouTube partner am calling for an all out boycott of FckH8 AND asking those YouTube celebrities that appeared in a video endorising the merchandise to come out against them as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGCIrh8bg6Q

  10. I ordered a shirt from them along with some buttons on March 30, 2012. They said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to ship, meaning I would get it just in time for the Day of Silence. Unfortunately, the DoS came and the shirt didn’t. Since I don’t have a credit card, my dad had paid for it, so he started emailing them. Apparently the guy who makes the shirts was on vacation and they would sent it that week. Two weeks later, it still hadn’t shipped, and he told them that if this continued, he would “be forced to take legal action.” That got their attention. They sent it right away and I got it two months after I ordered it. Of course, I didn’t think about measuring it when it got here even though it was a bit big on me. I tried shrinking it a few times, and then I decided it was fine. Maybe it was mislabeled as well? I’ll have to check.

  11. My daughter placed an order in May…still waiting…never shipped!

  12. FCKH8 is a always overloaded with orders, mine took four months, and I got a free shirt out of it. It is a pain though…

  13. Rob DeWolf said

    Screw being “overloaded” with orders. I ordered mine 6 months ago, and am still experiencing this bullshit. Except now they’ve stopped responding to my requests for a refund. I’m working with my dad on filing a small claims against them, as it’s complete and total evasion. They fail on two fronts: being for-profit, and by blaming being “overloaded and backed up”, but STILL posting advertisements on their Facebook page.

    Still have yet to see ANY form of package, and doubt I ever will. What a bullshit “organization”.

  14. My husband and I are experiencing the same issue. He ordered me tank top from this site back in March, perhaps even February. After months of no shirt, and trying to contact them to inform them that we had moved into DC, we NEVER received a response. We sent email, after email, made phone call after phone call, and no one ever answered our calls, the “voicemail was full” and our emails were never answered. Has anyone actually filed a lawsuit against them? They basically stole money from A LOT of people. We are still trying to figure out what to do and how to solve this problem. Any suggestions?

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