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Social Media and the Karate Kid – What would Mr. Miyagi Say About You?

Posted by mandyf on February 3, 2012

There is a valuable lesson in the Karate Kid that applies to social media just as much as it did to karate – “Karate do guess so, squish like grape.” The same thing applies to social media in many ways. You either engage in social media or you do not. Under no circumstances however should you do it halfway. Being engaged in social media doesn’t mean you live and breathe it 24/7 by any means, but it does mean that you have to commit to it in order for it to pay real dividends.

There is no halfway!

Ask yourself, which one of these you fall under, and then see what Miyagi would say to you about social media.

Mr. Miyagi said three key things to Daniel:

Karate do yes, okay.

Karate do no, okay.

Karate do guess so, squish like grape.

Karate do yes we will say is being engaged. Being engaged can be nothing more than having a couple social media accounts that you actively monitor and use to the full arsenal of everything ever made to connect to anyone on the web. If it is Twitter for instance, use it! Tweet something every day – ideally several times. Let people see you are out there. If you have a blog, make it a point to stay updated. Stale blogs that haven’t been updated for years litter the web – don’t be one of those. Visit other people’s blogs and leave a comment, tweet them out or whatever it is you like to do. The point is to be active and visible. You can’t expect reciprocation if you never take the first step. The worst thing you can do is sit back and wait for everyone to come to you.

Karate do no is doing nothing – and sometimes that is actually better than doing very little. Not everyone is enamored with social media and that is fine. If it is something you are going to drag into each day begrudgingly, that shows. No one wants to follow a Facebook page or whatever it may be where they see no passion at all. If you can’t be passionate about promoting your business, or even yourself, don’t do it. You’re better off not advertising that to the world. Not everyone agrees with that assessment, but ask yourself how many people you un-followed/defriended/avoided entirely just because their social media portfolio was a total bummer.

Karate guess so  is doing it halfway. These are the accounts you see that do everything in a flurry of activity. You stumble across a great Facebook page for instance that gets your attention. You follow them on twitter and subscribe to their blog and get really jazzed about hearing what is going to come out next. And then you wait. And wait some more. After a couple weeks you see another flurry of activity where posts, tweets and blog updates are coming at you as fast as you can process them. But then you see nothing for several more days yet again. Why is that bad?

That is bad because there is no reason to check in regularly. If there is no reason to visit, there is no reason to remember you. If there is no reason to remember you, there is no reason to stay subscribed and following you. Your spasms of activity wind up becoming annoying. In the time you are away, you leave comments unmoderated, questions unanswered, and requests of all sorts unaddressed. That makes people feel ignored and ticks them off. Having followers is no good if all you wind up doing is alienating them.

In short, engage in social media or do not. As the saying goes, if you are going to go to war, go Roman. Really do it, and enjoy it! Enjoy it because you are connecting with interesting new people. Enjoy it because you are building your brand. Enjoy it because social media is fun. Don’t skip the social part of it all – if you do that, you missed the point of it all.


2 Responses to “Social Media and the Karate Kid – What would Mr. Miyagi Say About You?”

  1. Your spasms of activity wind up becoming annoying. Hmmmm I think Miyagi would say non-attachment to what others are doing on Social Media is the key to enlightenment…… but then I never knew the guy.

  2. Nice summary of the various patterns in social media. One of my favorite movies and I liked the tie in to social media

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