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How to avoid and treat bikini zone razor rash

Posted by mandyf on February 3, 2012

A razor burn along the bikini line is as frustrating as it is common. There are two ways to deal with a bikini line razor burn, one being that you avoid them completely and the other being that you know how to treat them effectively once they appear. A razor rash in the bikini line zone is so common because the skin in that area is quite sensitive and prone to react with many forms of physical hair removal in a manner that manifests an outward display of said reaction.

Preventing a bikini zone rash is the best defense. While there is no tactic that is 100% effective regarding ending bikini zone razor rash, a good first step is to shave your bikini zone while showering. This helps soften the skin making it more suitable for shaving. A second big tip is to use shaving cream or a shaving gel and not soap. The third big piece of advice is to use a sharp blade, preferably a new blade. Shaving a sensitive area with a blade that is dull greatly increases the odds of a razor rash and ingrown hairs – neither of which is very attractive or comfortable. While shaving, make sure you clear the blade of previously removed hairs so the full length of the blade glides smoothly over the skin. Once you have finished shaving, apply a light moisturizer that will help soothe the skin to further reduce the chances of having razor rash.

If shaving presents a razor rash problem in your bikini zone even if you follow all proper shaving protocols to a tee, then you need to consider another hair removal option. For a short term solution you may want to try waxing. If you want to avoid the problem completely in the future, then you may want to explore options centered around permanent removal like LHR (Laser Hair Removal) or electrolysis.

If you currently have a razor rash in your bikini zone that requires treatment, the first step is to stop shaving for three days. Even if it appears that the rash is gone in two days, the skin still tends to be more sensitive and prone to presenting a rash than if fully healed above and below the skin. Apply a moisturizer that contains aloe to help soothe the burn, and if it is very uncomfortable, consider a gel that contains hydrocortisone to ease the discomfort. The combination of both agents should reduce swelling, redness, itching, and a fair degree of the discomfort.

Also avoid wearing tight fitting underwear and clothes. Tight fitting  clothes create friction against the skin which only serves to aggravate razor rash even more. Once healed, begin an exfoliating regimen to help reduce ingrown hairs as well. By following a few simple tips you can greatly reduce the appearance of razor rash in your bikini line area greatly.


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