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The best tattoo cover up makeup

Posted by mandyf on February 2, 2012

Given the upswing in the popularity of tattoos over the past twenty years it is no wonder the market for good tattoo makeup concealers has gotten so huge. Many people that got inked years ago thinking each piece would be special and something they would be proud to display their entire life sometime find that doesn’t wind up being true. As you can imagine, as people age their tastes often change, and that ink no matter how beautiful it may be isn’t something they always want visible. By trial and error some very good tattoo cover ups have been found for those moments you want to keep your ink under wraps.

One of the first concealers I tried was Tattoo Camo. Tattoo Camo is a two step process. The first step is you apply the paste which completely hides the tattoo. Next a setting powder is applied to prevent smudging. It is very easy to work with and comes in six shades to fit most skin tones. It does still look like you are covering something but it is not so noticeable as to jump off your skin. This is especially good for working with larger pieces where with solid blending techniques you can keep the look as natural as possible. The kit retails for $35.00 to $45.00 and comes with a remover.

Ben Nye, a large Hollywood and stage makeup supplier has a fantastic line of tattoo cover up kits available in almost any skin tone imaginable. As these blends are made to look natural even in extreme close up shots you can be sure you will not look like you are wearing anything. Their neutralizers and concealers retail starting around the $7.00 range with full palette kits beginning around $35.00. What is a great buy for many people especially those who only use a tattoo concealer occasionally is the “conceal wheel” which retails around $10.00 and comes with four different shades. This allows greater flexibility than the single stick concealers as we don’t all tan evenly. A setting powder is not necessary but recommended as this will smudge.

Mehron offers a great and inexpensive line of tattoo concealers which can cover even the darkest or most colorful of tattoos without looking uneven or unnatural. The formulas are waterproof so they can even be worn in the water which is a huge plus for beach goers. Mehron only offers five shades which is a bit of a minus, and they offer both individual colors and the wheel like Ben Nye. Their products range from $7.00 to $12.00. Although their color selection is limited, if you match one of their tones this is an excellent product. Setting powder is recommended for use with this product as well.

Dermablend sticks are one of the most versatile and widely used makeups to conceal tattoos. Dermablend is especially good for smaller tattoos or anything around the neck or face as it is skin sensitive. It spreads with the greatest ease and blends well. It is the most readily available product as it can be found in most chain drug stores and almost any makeup counter. It can range from $20.00 and up depending on the size tube you choose, but is well worth the money. It can be carried in your purse taking up little more space than a tube of lipstick and applied on the go if necessary. This is my personal pick as the best product out there for this purpose. A setting powder can be used with this but I have not found it necessary.

Bloody Mary offers a full tattoo concealing makeup kit which retails around $35.00. It offers more than enough shades to match any skin and comes with everything you need for application including a brush, sponge, and setting powder, but the quantity of product is a bit small. Still this is an excellent product and works very effectively.

You won’t go wrong with any of these tattoo concealers, which all also work well with covering skin blemishes of all sorts. As to what is best for each individual is really a matter of finding the best match for your skin tone and pocket book. I can attest each one does work as advertised, at least on me in regards to both color and gray toned tattoos. My personal recommendation is dermablend for ease of use, price, and because it does not require applicators, setting powders, or special removers.


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