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The parallels between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations

Posted by mandyf on January 28, 2012

John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln shared far more than the office of President of the United States of America. They were held up as heroic figures whom transcended the office by their admirers and were vilified as criminal by their opposition. It may be said no two Presidents ever shared such a great and well defined divide of support than these leaders in American history. More importantly what we will examine here are the circumstances surrounding their assassinations, circumstances some theorists believe cosmically link them together so closely that there must be something more to all of this than meets the eye. Clear your mind and sit back while we examine the similarities surrounding the deaths of these two American Presidents.

Immediately people point out that Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846 and that Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946, exactly 100 years later. On it’s own that is sheer coincidence, however Lincoln was elected President in 1860 and Kennedy won the seat in 1960, again exactly 100 years later. While this may seem like nothing on the surface it is the groundwork for many more similarities to be built upon, the second of which is both Presidents were directly pivotal to the civil rights movement, a cause it is believed may have gotten both killed as it was that issue which caused each the most public grief during their time in office. While living in the White house both Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Lincoln lost a child, perhaps a precursor of things to come? It hardly ends there though or what kind of possible cosmic connection could they hold?

Lincoln was shot in the back of his head in the presence of his wife in Ford’s Theatre. Kennedy was shot in the back of his head in the presence of his wife in an automobile made by Ford. Both men were assassinated on a Friday, as well in front of a large crowd in a public place. The whereabouts of both Kennedy and Lincoln were well known in advance. Kennedy’s parade was planned early enough for everyone to know his location on that Friday, and Lincoln attended Ford’s Theatre each Friday night and sat in the same box, this also was common public knowledge. As the coincidences pile up we see even more similarities when we look to the assassins of these great Presidents.

Each President’s assassin was known by three names; John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. If you add the letters of all three names up you will notice each man’s name is comprised of fifteen letters. Each assassin chose a firearm to carry out the killing. Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy from a warehouse (Book depository) and fled to a theatre. John Wilkes Booth Shot President Lincoln in a theatre and fled to a warehouse. Actually in all fairness Booth fled to a farm where he hid in a tobacco barn, but it’s just a little stretch and it keeps the connection alive! Both Booth and Oswald were believed to only be a part of a much greater conspiracy although nobody has definitively proved that to be true. Finally both Oswald and Booth were both killed before they ever made it to trial. Both assassins were killed by a gunshot, Oswald was gunned down by Jack Ruby, and Booth was gunned down by an infantryman when fleeing a burning barn and died from the wound several hours later.

While that is all very interesting there has to be more you must be thinking and there is! The successor to each president bore the same surname, Andrew Johnson and Lyndon B. Johnson. Coincidentally Andrew Johnson was born in 1898 and Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908. Again we see the magic spread of 100 years come into play for the third time. Mere coincidence or something greater at work?

Is this enough to say there is some odd otherworldly link between these two Presidents who were gunned down? Some say yes and go even further into such things as astrology and numerology to show countless more similarities surrounding the pivotal figures in these mens lives and deaths. Others say the similarities mean nothing and that it is possible to draw such conclusions between any two people that ever lived. Who is to say what is or isn’t true? You now have the information and it is up to you to decide if all of this is sheer coincidence or if something or someone far greater than we know is pulling the strings.


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