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Empire Avenue Missions and ethics – are you earning your share?

Posted by mandyf on January 23, 2012

Missions on Empire Avenue are one of the best ways the game offers to help people that create anything which is shared online a platform to help get their creations more visibility – and enhance networking relationships at the same time. It also helps you learn a lot about people playing the game. What do they create? Are they a glorified hack blogger like me that just likes researching and writing goofy things? Are they a musician, painter, photographer or serious correspondent on world affairs? Missions help us learn all of that about people we network with. They also give us a window into the soul.

Missions are accomplished on honor. A person offer a reward. You complete the mission. Trust is everything. The more you have, the more you can offer. When you are a new player, getting eaves for a few clicks, a comment or whatever is being asked is a great deal. It’s how I manage to be able to keep active in many ways because my total portfolio just cracked $3m eaves on Saturday. For me to launch a mission, I need to plan and save – and yes – do a lot of other people’s missions as well. I don’t mind sharing things for people. It’s a courtesy I hope to have repaid at some time.

I recall being so excited to see a “big player” jump on my mission – I could only imagine how much just one tweet from him would help spread my content. It didn’t happen. I checked to see if maybe it was re-dugg, Facebooked, stumbled or reditted or even G+. Nothing. Not even a comment. Not even a simple like on the post itself. It sucked, but what can you do? I guess he needed my 500e to pad his huge portfolio. Then it happened again the next mission I ran. I tried to rationalize a big player pulling a chew and screw for so little, but what else explains it?

Everyone makes mistakes accomplishing missions. I know I have. When they happen though, own up to it. try to make it right. Do a little extra of whatever you can. Let the person know you messed up – a little courtesy goes a long way. Forgiveness flows easily then. Mistakes can be lived with. Blatantly ripping people off is intolerable. It’s not a matter of only hitting 4 sharing buttons because you don’t have an account with the fifth. It’s not a matter of missing one detail but getting the remainder of the mission right. It’s a matter of doing nothing – and knowing you are going to do nothing when you take the eaves. It spoils the game for so many.

One of the leading EAV players, Kevin Greene posted the following on a recent mission:

“This is a call for one of Empire Avenues leaders to man up.

No it’s not about the eaves you steal from me daily … this is for the little guy that

asked for a K+ but you didn’t
asked for a tweet but you didn’t

said if you didn’t own any shares in them, here is 10k to buy some and you took it

said here is 2k to share a blog post they had just written and you didn’t

you still didn’t vote for their shorty award

you say you’re their friend but never left your favorite number

should I go on …

when you have been questioned by some, you ignored it and deleted their post

so MAN UP spend $500.00 real money buy a million shares and create a mission with an sincere apology

then REFRAIN from participating in missions.

You are an embarrassment to what social is …reminds me of a quote … with friends like this who needs enemies

If you don’t stop I will encourage people to use the abuse button on your profile, yes there is one with a drop down to report mission abuse.

Sorry folks for the rant … so here is 500 eaves to have listened to it … link is to Empire Avenue’s Blog about EAvCares and Charity Water


this mission cost me 200k if you needed the $ that bad I would just given them to you”

It took some big stones to do that. Is it a rant? Yes, but it is also on the money. It makes you think – why is it that you often need to factor in that there are people who will take eaves and do nothing? Is it because what someone creates is something they deem beneath them to share? Is it because they are lazy and can’t be bothered to actually click just one single button? Is it a deeper issue? Whatever it is, it is good to see someone with actual clout step up and say something.


5 Responses to “Empire Avenue Missions and ethics – are you earning your share?”

  1. sallykwitt said

    Excellent post Amanda.

  2. mandyf said

    Thank you Sally

  3. Nice post however… Why does it need someone with “actual clout” to say it… ethics should be discussed and considered by all. Its the message (or substance) that should count, not the stature of the messenger. A typical communication barrier that many suffer from… unfortunately. Ric-orglearn

  4. mandyf said

    It shouldn’t – And I do realize that. For someone like me that is just going on two months, I often get that it’s something that is accepted or that I haven’t been around long enough to know how things work so it’s just whining. Being frank, not many people are going to listen to me and what I perceive as a real problem about the game. I’d love if there was an ability to just block those people who take mission eaves without a thought of doing the mission from my missions, but there isn’t. That then puts me in a position where I have to decide if I’m okay letting that happen. I ran a mission today paying out 50 spots and 18 just took the eaves – and from past experience that wasn’t bad. Usually I see maybe half just take the eaves. The only ability I have to stop people from doing that is not run missions which is punishing myself for another person’s poor behavior or block them. If I block them, the shares they hold in me are liquidated and my share price drops which punishes me temporarily. Plus, you do that often enough and you get a reputation as a bitch and then it is hard to get people who want to interact with you. I have blocked four people that were just too blatant – one that told me until I matched him share for share, I owed him the eaves. Another bought and sold one share each mission I ran and did nothing. Two others never did a thing, not even a thumbs up on any of my first five and I finally got tired of it and blocked them. If I allow people to take eaves for not doing missions, I am just as big a part of the problem. If I block people over and over after three strikes, I diminish my ability to play the game and potential to have fun. It’s a heck of a conundrum.

    If I ran a mission saying the exact same thing as Kevin, a few people may have chimed in agreement. Someone as established as him doing that draws major attention and engages people because of who he is in relation to the standing of the game leader boards which is why I thought it was important that a leader in the game said it. I think it’s something that merits more discussion to be sure. I’m not 100% on publicly outing the people that habitually do this, but maybe that is the answer. I don’t know whether that would fix anything or not, but having that ability to go nuclear as a last resort may end up being what is necessary if it continues week after week, month after month as blatantly as it is now.

  5. I listen to you and you have as much right as anyone else in the game to expose others that behave badly. I have threatened to expose people that just take eaves also. Next mission I will seriously consider listing them in my community or putting them on a blog post off site with a reference link from the community to the post. Keep at it and remember you have just as much right to let others know that their unethical behaviour is not acceptable as anybody else. More power too you. 🙂 Ric-orglearn

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