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What are the strangest laws in the world?

Posted by mandyf on January 22, 2012

The strangest laws in the world are sometimes so strange that even the people living under them cannot fathom the how or why of their existence. In some cases, laws we view as strange are simply outdated blue laws from a bygone era, but in others they are actually fairly new and still just as illogical. One of the important things to remember when identifying what is strange is that a law may be strange to people in one culture but not another. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some truly odd laws found around the world. The top fifteen should suffice.

 15. In London, it is illegal for a cab to be used to convey a corpse or rabid dog. While it sounds reasonable enough, is there really a need to legislate such thing? If nothing else, it would seem neither could pay the fare anyway making them rather unattractive to pick up from a purely financial standpoint.

14. Staying in England. it is illegal to die in Parliament. The first thought is that it would be unfortunate, but illegal? How does one avoid such thing? Do they perhaps plan a heat attack in advance around a session? What is the punishment for dying in Parliament, after all you’re already dead.

13. Just for fun, here is one more gem from England. Under the Tax Avoidance Schemes Regulations of 2006 it is illegal not to tell the tax assessor anything you do not want him to know. Let that sink in for a second before pondering the second half of this law. It is further stated that you do not have to tell the tax assessor anything you DO NOT mind him knowing. So it is illegal to disclose the damning information about yourself unless of course you do not mind. That must make for an interesting interrogation.

12. In Ohio you may not get a fish drunk. For starters one can only wonder why you would want to get a fish drunk in the first place, and why anyone thought this was a good use of tax dollars to actually take the time to make a law? Was there a point in time when this was a problem, crazy teens taking a catfish out for a few shots perhaps? Goldfish subjected to vodka filled bowls?

11. Here is another beauty from the U.K the ladies are well served to keep in mind. If you are pregnant, you may relieve yourself anywhere you please to. It can be on a street corner, in the middle of a park, in taxi, on the steps to the courthouse, or even in the helmet of a police officer. That is just…odd…

10. A truly horrifying law, albeit one we must assume is not enforced comes from Indonesia. Although it is

old it is still technically enforceable. If a person is caught masturbating, the penalty for that action is death! Death by decapitation no less. That’s creepy. If you are cutting things off, wouldn’t it make sense to remove the offending appendage(s)? Just an idea.

9. If you are single adrenaline junkie woman living in or visiting Florida take caution. It is illegal for you to parachute, and that can include parasailing or any parachute related activity, on a Sunday. Why it is just single women this is aimed at and only on Sunday nary a soul seems to have a clue. granted it isn’t likely you will actually be imprisoned or even charged for this, but it’s out there.

 8. In the state of Vermont women will definitely want to practice good oral hygiene. The reason for this is more than just good sense, it stems from another real but outdated law. In Vermont, if a married woman wants to wear false teeth she needs to obtain and carry a note permitting her to do so from her husband.

7. Bahrain gives us a law which is a bit tricky for the doctors involved and a good test of their eye hand coordination. It is legal for a male doctor to examine the genitals of a female patient by looking directly at them. It is not too unusual to have laws about examining patients of the opposite sex, but the manner it has to be done in Bahrain is a bit out there. The doctor cannot directly look at the genital area of a woman, but he can view it with a mirror. Whether he uses some form of periscope or a good old fashioned hand mirror is a point of preference I suppose. What I wonder is why, because medical examinations clearly are not for pleasure which is what the law was designed to prevent – pleasure.

6. In Alexandria, Minnesota, a man that has garlic, onions, sardines, alone or in combination, may not have sex with his wife until the odor has been negated. Oddly enough, any other foods are perfectly fine as is trench mouth odor, but those three foods on his breath could land him in the clink if he has sex with his wife. That is a great reason to always have an oral hygiene kit handy.

5. Staying on the theme of oral hygiene, in Providence, Rhode Island, they have a rather peculiar law regarding oral hygiene products. A store may not sell both a toothbrush and toothpaste to the same person if it is a Sunday. You can have one or the other but not both. If you need both you have to go to two different stores, find a stooge to score you some Crest, or wait until Monday.

4. In the great state of Texas, if you plan to commit a crime you must notify, in writing or orally, your intended victim of the crime and detail the manner you will carry out the crime. If you think you will get away with the crime, why spoil it by complying with the warning law? If you get caught, big deal, it’s just one more thing to plead out at your trial.

According to the Taliban, this photo depicts illegal wear of a sock!

3. The Taliban banned women in Afghanistan from wearing white socks just in case, just in case mind you, men found them attractive. Nothing turns men on like a good white tube sock is what we are all thinking to be sure, but seriously? Make it illegal? Perhaps Hanes should get together with the folks at GoldToe and form a boycott for the right to wear the socks of your choice regardless of religion, color, nation of origin or gender.

 2. Lousiana has one that is truly a bit of a head scratcher. Biting people is poor form and as such they do charge such people with simple assault. If the biter however is wearing dentures and not doing the biting with their own pearly whites, or tobacco stained yellows, the charge is aggravated assault. Nobody understands why truly, but it is believed this is based on the dentures not actually being an organic part of a person and therefore a weapon which carries a stiffer penalty.

1. The most truly bizarre law however has to go to the good folks from Wisconsin. Gun control laws are not necessarily a bad thing, nor are laws regulating how they are used, but this law takes the cake. In Conorsville, it is illegal for a man to discharge a round from a gun while his wife is having an orgasm. Write your own punchline, this is to much like shooting fish in a barrel, which is incidentally still illegal in portions of 14 countries.


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  2. Yes indeed people have too much time on their hands but Ohio says no to fishing while drunk, I can’t imagine not being drunk and fishing….Who knew?

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