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What is egomunication and how can it increase your blog traffic?

Posted by mandyf on January 21, 2012

Noted and wildly successful blogger, Rohit Bhargava, may have been the first person to point out what egomunication is. In fact he may very well have invented the term itself to explain a very interesting means of non-direct communication in the digital world. What he did is took a seemingly simple concept and applied it to a worldwide phenomena to create what is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to generate not just more traffic to blogs, but keep that traffic coming back.

Egomunication in its simplest terms is when you give what the kids like to call a “Shout out” on your blog to someone. A simple example might be “Thanks to Lee Sprague for the help compiling this data.” That is an example of egomunication, but how does that help you gain any traffic is what you are wondering. The simple answer is we know live in an ego driven world more than ever before.

Consider for a moment the incredible and almost inexplicable draw of Twitter, Google alerts, and Facebook tagging as a few examples of ego driven applications. These each have a little different means of working from the technical sense, but they deliver a powerful punch. In the case of Google alerts there are more people than you can possibly imagine that have it set to notify them of the appearance of their own name. While it was designed for that it is a fact many people use it that way.

Assuming a person gets a Google alert that they appeared somewhere, the first thing most people will do is look to make sure that it is actually about them, and then they will read. Whether it is good or bad it is likely they are going to pass it on to someone else, usually a number of people to read as well. If it is something positive they want to let the world see it. If it is something negative they want people to see that too if for no other reason than to refute whatever was said before someone else finds it. Either way it is a matter of ego. You have just reached numerous people by only indirectly addressing one person.

With Facebook and twitter the chances to reach a really large audience are even better. Tagging photos or content you post on Facebook or like networking applications is a great way for you to draw traffic. Again the same principle works as above in that people like to brag. They will link or direct people to almost anything positive about them self. The more people you get to view the original content, the better you do. With twitter the possibilities are simply ridiculous. If you reach a “net famous” person and they tweet that they are reading your blog, visiting your site, or whatever it is, you can draw a rush of traffic in some cases.

While that is all great in the short term, it can translate to some long term traffic as well. The chances are that if you get enough traffic you will eventually draw in people that read more than that one post and may even return on at least a semi-regular basis to see what else you have to say. The concept seems too far fetched to be effective but it does work. While Mr. Bhargava seems to have initially used this concept as a good means of reaching the “unreachable” in the process of that it proves an effective way to raise traffic. Simply put the man is a genius in that he found a way anyone can use to increase traffic and gain followers without being aggressive by doing nothing more than stroking their ego through an intermediary. Sheer genius!


One Response to “What is egomunication and how can it increase your blog traffic?”

  1. phoenix143 said

    Interesting Amanda. I always learn from you. That it what makes you so dear to me. Promise some egomunication love in a post soon.

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