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Candido Godoi mystery makes for one of the creepiest place on Earth

Posted by mandyf on January 21, 2012

In Brazil, the town of Candido Godoi is the type of place that would make even a master of horror like Stephen King take a step back and check for a new destination to visit. There are no creepy chapels made of human bones, nor are there strange haunted streets no one dare wander at night. It is the people of the town that are creepy. Not as individuals mind you, many are bright, kind and lovely to be around. It is when they are all together in one place at the same time they are creepy, and for many years the center of one of the great modern mysteries on Earth.

Candido Godoi translates to “The Land of Twins”, and twins you will see. In fact, you will see an amazing 18 times more twins there than the global average. Amazingly, one in five births results in a set of twins.Imagine being a visitor, and everywhere you go you get that sense of Deja’ Vu, swearing you just saw someone somewhere else in different clothes. Once or twice you could brush off. After 5 or 6 times you start feeling weird. After a dozen or so instances you begin questioning your sanity and paranoia sets in.

While that can be creepy, the reason many believe so many twins are in Candido Osso is even creepier. Famed Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, who had a well known obsession with twins was reputed to have settled in the little town in the 1960 or so range according to research by Jan Strusiewicz. What Strusiewicz found, was that a doctor matching the description and characteristics of Mengele began practicing as a veterinarian in the area. Nazi hunter and war criminal expert Jorge Camarasa is convinced this is accurate.

After a couple of years, this otherwise kindly vet began helping women in the area with medical problems – but just those in the German settled area. Within a matter of a couple years, twin births were on the rise according to local legend. Then they continued to rise. And then rise so more until reaching an unfathomable rate. Many began claiming Mengele genetically mutated the women of the area causing the creepy trend.

Years later however, science debunked that. It was found after studies were conducted that Mengele would have never had the technology needed to conduct such a genetic mutation program. Furthermore, he never could have done it without anyone knowing, meaning there would be no mystery. The scientific explanation is much simpler – very fertile women that have been exposed to high levels of toxic waste and take part in sexual relationships which often lead to inbred offspring. Furthermore, when examining birth records dating back decades before the possible arrival of Mengele, shoddily kept and spotty as they may be, twins were already prevalent in the town. Prevalent enough in fact to be higher than the global average at the time.

While the mystery may have been solved, or so they say, that hardly has done anything to stop the town from being a point of curiosity. It has not stopped the belief in many that the twins are in fact the product of a mad scientist. It furthermore has done nothing to stop visitors from getting a weird chill in their spine when encountering so many twins in such a small area – and it not be a twin convention.


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