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Get a Frosty and help kids awaiting adoption

Posted by mandyf on January 20, 2012

If you love ice cream and you love helping out kids, Wendy’s has a deal for you! Some locations of Wendy’s are offering their Frosty for free for the remainder of 2012 to help raise money for the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption. The deal here is that you go to a participating Wendy’s location and purchase a keychain tag made specifically for this cause. The tag does cost $1 which is where they are getting the money to help benefit kids in need of adoption by a good home. What that $1 keychain tag allows you in return is a free Frosty Jr. the rest of the year. That’s a good deal any way slice it – or slurp it as the case may be.

The ave Thomas Foundation doesn’t stop there though. For every Frosty you purchase during Father’s Day weekend, Wendy’s donates 50 cents to DTFA. You can also donate by purchasing a Frosty pin-up for $1, and that is  a great way to help out as well. For each Frosty card that is sent in, another .25 goes to help the cause. All told, Wendy’s raises around $1.8 million for charity on this event.

At Halloween 90% of the money raised selling trick or Treat gift books goes to the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption as well. Not satisfied with that, .03 of each Kid’s meal sold results in yet another way to help get money to kids in need. It’s not often that helping out tastes so good. Even if you aren’t a fan of Wendy’s, it’s hard to not pay a visit to drop a little cash to get a treat and help children find a family.

For more information, stop by The Dave Thomas Foundation website for details and any new promotions that may arise. A map showing which locations are participating in the Frosty keychain tag promotion is not yet available, but keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, your best bet is to stop by your local Wendy’s and ask. If they are not participating, ask a manager why.


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