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Strange injuries pro athletes have suffered

Posted by mandyf on January 17, 2012

When the news that pro baseball player Geoff Blum injured himself putting on shirt a couple years back, many wondered what the weirdest injuries are that athletes have suffered. While professional athletes are usually regarded as fine tuned physical specimens, they like anyone else have dealt with injuries like throwing their back out picking up dropped keys, to shoulder strains hanging curtains. Although those are odd, there are far stranger examples of weird athlete injuries.

Glenallen Hill was a fairly well traveled pro baseball player. He gained the nickname “Spiderman” early in his career because he could seemingly scale any outfield wall to take away would be home runs. What is strange though is that Hill also suffered from severe arachnophobia. One night, he had such a vivid nightmare about spiders that he began trying to escape them in his sleep. His body responded to perceived threat, and in doing so he got out of bed trying to get away from the nightmare spiders and fell into a glass top coffee table leading to a 15 day stint on the disabled list.

While with the Cubs, Sammy Sosa was bending over tying his shoes as the story goes, and had a quick sneezing fit. With just two sneezes while in a hunched over position, he triggered a series of back spasms that cost him nearly a month out of the game.

In a food related incident, a plate of homemade nachos put Bret Barbie on the bench for a game. It wasn’t food poisoning that got him – or even heartburn! Barbie forget the first rule of cooking which is always wash your hands. He sliced up some chili peppers for his nachos, but didn’t wash his hands before putting in his contact lenses. What happened then is rather obvious as Barberie was effectively blinded or dealing with blurry vision for a few hours after the fact.

In 1970, Brentford goalkeeper Chich Brodie saw his career end in a scenario which can hardly be believed. The details of the story have changed a little in the telling over the decades, but what is pretty consistent is that Brodie was going after a ball when out of nowhere a dog made his way onto the field. Brodie was focused on the ball and never saw the low to the ground beast in his peripheral vision. The dog got under Brodie’s feet, they became tangled, and Brodie sustained muscle tears he never recovered from sufficiently enough to ever play professionally again.

If you believe the Brodie incident was bizarre, Mistar who was one of the Indonesian stars of the soccer world can top it. In 1995while training, a herd of pigs got onto to the training field, but unlike Brodie, Mistar actually died during the stampeded at the age of 25. It is beyond all imagination pigs would invade the field, but to actually take someone by surprise and trample them to death is inconceivable – except it happened.

When soccer player Darren Barnard was caring for his new puppy, he slipped in an unseen puddle of puppy pee. He tore his knee ligaments and went on to miss the next five months of play. While he could get rid of the puppy, Dave batty suffered an Achilles tendon injury when his toddler ran him down on a tricycle. He was certainly mad, but he did keep his child.

Ken Griffey Jr. once missed a game when the cup in his athletic supporter came out of place pinching one of his testicles so badly that he was in too much pain to play – or stand or sit from what was reported after the incident. Less painful in many regards but resulting in three missed games, Joel Zumaya of the Tigers injured his shoulder playing Guitar Hero. Similarly, cyclist Mark Cavendish injured his calf during an intense session of Wii Snowboard.

The list could go on and on, but there are a few that do merit special mention because they are just so – weird!

* Chicago Bull Derrick Rose cut his arm slicing an apple while lying in bed requiring ten stitches.
* Plaxico Buress shot himself in the leg with his own gun while partying in a nightclub.
* While playing catcher, Chris Snyder of the Arizona Diamondbacks took a ricochet from a foul tip in such a way that it actually circumvented the protective cup he was wearing and literally broke a testicle.

A final injury that may take the cake falls on the shoulders of Fabian Espindola. While playing forward for Real Salt Lake, Espindola decided to do a backflip to celebrate scoring a goal. He missed the landing and sprained his ankle. Then to add insult to the literal injury, the goal was waived off because of a player being offsides.

Any way you look at it, athletes get hurt just like anyone else. Sometimes it’s on the field, sometimes off, and far more often that you would think the circumstances are truly weird.


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