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Is it time to change your social media campaign strategy?

Posted by mandyf on January 16, 2012

Is it time to change your approach to social media? If it is, you’re certainly not alone. Knowing how well your social media campaign is working and whether it just has, or is about to, jump the shark is not always easy to tell. You may have run a campaign that worked great for several months or more that suddenly just seemed to stop producing. The normal reaction is to redouble your efforts and try to perform CPR on your existing social media campaign rather than give it a 21 gun salute and bring in a fresh recruit. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, take a critical look at your social media campaign and see if you spot any of the following indicators that it is time for a change.

The first thing you want to check is your analytics. Are you getting traffic from your social media accounts to your main website. Next, look to see if you are converting on that traffic. Driving a couple hundred visitors a day to your main site from your social networks isn’t doing you much good if none of them take action when they reach your site. There is a difference between traffic and quality traffic. It is better to only draw 50 people of which 3 convert than 200 who bounce after viewing one page and take no action. At the end of the day, it is a whole lot more satisfying to have real money in your account than being able to say you had more traffic.

What if you are still making some sales from traffic coming from your social networks, just fewer than before? If you can eliminate a rational reason for the drop like downtime your site had, inventory problems or some factor not related to your social networking take a look at how your social networks are performing at the root. First check to see if you are sitting on negligible growth – or worse yet losing followers. If you have been dedicating just as much effort to social networks and they are flat, you need a new strategy.

You can take a stab at generating some growth by using paid ads on networks like Facebook to create some buzz. You can also look at changing how you interact on those platforms. If your audience isn’t interacting with the material you are presenting, you need new material. You need to take a look at creating content that compels people to get engaged. Consider a poll – they are free and easy to create. If you have been all business, consider a few things that are lighter. A furniture company that saw a dip in user engagement asked people what the most annoying thing they encountered on Facebook was. Not too surprisingly, people responded. While responding, they got engaged with other material on the page as well. Simple posts like that peppered in every few days reversed a negative trend. It may not work every time, but it is worth trying. People love to give their opinion.

Every social media campaign is going to hit bumps in the road. The key to succeeding is knowing that you will hit bumps and having a plan of attack to get over those bumps as quickly and painlessly as possible. Change is not something to dread. Look at change as positive evolution and embrace it. If you take the approach that it is okay to fail now and then when you try new things so long as you learn and apply that knowledge to the next attempt you will do far better than you ever dreamed possible.


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