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Ten things everyone should try

Posted by mandyf on January 15, 2012

It’s a sad fact that most of us get so caught up in life and “achieving” that we forget about so many simple things as the days go by only to realize one day we wished we did something. As children, we all had dreams of things we looked forward to doing when we grew up and had the world in our hands without realizing how fast time flies and how sometimes we run out of it long before we planned to. As such, we often make mental to do lists that we sadly never get around to finishing because we keep saying tomorrow, next year, or one day. While most of us could easily fill a list full of dozens of things we should all try to do, picking just ten could actually almost make the list, relax…it won’t.

Here are ten things everyone should try in no particular order as each are important in their own way.

10. Initiate random acts of kindness. Don’t just think about doing them, try it out and see how good it feels. It becomes addictive and makes you and someone you may not even ever meet again  feel better. It could be something big like making an anonymous donation to someone or some organization that really needs the help, or something as simple as helping a neighbor out just because you know they can use a hand.

9. Even if it seems silly as an adult, follow a childhood dream. If you always dreamed of riding on top of an elephant as a child, why not try it as a grown up? If you dreamed of being a professional baseball player, you may not be able to do that, but you can always squirrel away some money and take a week to go to a baseball fantasy camp and play a real game against real retired pros. Almost any dream you had, aside from going to the moon or ruling the world with an iron fist perhaps, usually has some way to be realized. Give it try so you never have regrets about it.

8. Be a friend to someone that really needs it. We all know people that seem to be going through life alone. While some people do this by choice, most don’t and have been alone for so long they just don’t know how to go about it anymore or lack the confidence. Give it a try and you just may meet someone that can help you reach your dreams while you fulfill one of theirs in the process just because you took the time to get to know them.

7. Make a child’s dream come true. If you can do this for your own or a family members, that is great. But if you have no children in your extended family don’t let that stop you. We encounter kids everyday in less than optimal life situations and even small things can make a huge difference in their life. Maybe there is a kid in the neighborhood that would love to play hockey but can’t because their family can’t afford the equipment, or the registration fee for the league, or any number of things. Why not try to make that a reality for them? Maybe it is even as simple as getting them to a real live ballgame, or a special birthday gift that is just out of the reach of their family. It may even be just being a person they know they can depend on emotionally.

6. Find people that are different from you and really discuss those differences and your similarities as well. All too often we shy away from anyone or thing that is different without really understanding why. The more we get to know people who are different, the better we understand ourselves and in some small way actually make the world a little nicer more tolerant place to be.

5. Make it a point to go someplace you have never been every year. You don’t have to go abroad or cross country to do this. You can easily do this in your own state or province. Where you go need not be exotic, it is about the experience. It is all about getting out in the world and exposing yourself to new things so that you can grow as a more well rounded person. Take the family or a friend, or if you’re single, heck, go alone if that is what you enjoy most and just immerse yourself in this new locale and absorb everything you can.

4. Let yourself love and trust someone unconditionally. This may be one of the hardest things to do because the potential for pain is so great. To love and trust without conditions opens you up to receiving the same in return. If you don’t try this at least once though you’ll miss out on the greatest gift and joy we as humans can ever know. Nobody said everything we should try is easy.

3. Tell at least one person a day that you love them. Tell as many as you can actually because it never hurts to let people know how you feel. With that said, it really helps if you actually know the people you tell this to because approaching random strangers on the street and saying “I love you” can lead to being maced or kneed in the groin. It does happen, you’ve been warned.

2. Get involved in something you believe in! Maybe you have deep spiritual, political, or social beliefs that are a passion of yours. Don’t sit on the sidelines, get involved and share that passion with other people that do as well. Try to use that passion to make a positive difference. You may fail, but you will never have to live with the guilt of knowing you didn’t try. Who knows, maybe something you do will contribute to changing someone’s life.

1. Try to create just one thing that is definitively and uniquely you that can survive long after you’re gone. Maybe you will paint, write, build, or design something that withstands time. It doesn’t matter if it is world known, what matters is it is something you poured your heart into. You never know what something you create now may mean to one of your descendants decades or even centuries from now.

There are so many things we should all try, and hopefully we all get a chance to try our top things before it’s too late. There may be nothing worse than regret, and we need not live with it. Don’t wait until tomorrow to work on your list.


12 Responses to “Ten things everyone should try”

  1. Christian said

    Maybe I should plant a tree…..!?!

  2. mandyf said

    A wonderful idea – it makes a difference and keeps giving!

  3. Anne Thomas said

    Thanks! This is super!

  4. […] via Mind Candy. […]

  5. danajlange said

    What a great list! Several of the items on the list I already do, but found a couple that I need to incorporate. There are several that I have done in the past, but haven’t for a long time. Thank you for sharing!

  6. detart said

    love the ideas…

  7. noelvisser said

    This is simple advise that simple we forget it all to often 😦

  8. A great list and a good way to start the New Year!

  9. dl101 said

    This is a wonderful list and the way I try to live my life. Thanks for putting my feelings into such beautiful words.

  10. Great suggestions to live by!

  11. Cool and authentic list Amanda!

  12. mandyf said

    Thanks very much!

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