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Why your company needs a social media presence

Posted by mandyf on January 12, 2012

It is not hard to find any number of sources that will tell you how great social media is for a business, but they don’t always tell you the specifics of why social media is great for businesses. One of the most difficult things to do as an SMM is explain to someone that has no knowledge of social media how all of this online activity they are spending time and/or money on is going to benefit them. These are people that don’t want to hear about statistics or stories filled with jargon they just don’t get. They want simple answers that clearly demonstrate what they are getting out for what they put in.

One of the biggest things these social media newcomers don’t realize is that just because they are not personally engaged in social media activities does not mean they aren’t engaged indirectly. For instance, a gentleman was hearing his customers say they found him on a thread in Facebook. He had a small niche business that made adult pajamas to order. He had no idea what “the Facebook” was aside from what his son showed him or how to capitalize on it. He did great work at a reasonable rate and word spread without him doing a thing. He didn’t get concerned until he wasn’t hearing about “the Facebook” again and his orders from the west coast and even internationally dried up. Luckily, he got someone to build that buzz back up – along with a website, his own Facebook page and even a Twitter account. Sales returned and he actually expanded his business in a down economy while others were cutting back.

Customer service can be a big problem for tiny mom and pop operations all the way up to Fortune 500 companies. It just takes one customer that is dissatisfied with a product or service to torch you online. The way business works now, people think of going online first when they have a problem – not to the point of sale or the phone. If you don’t have a place for people to express those problems, who knows where they will wind up. If you provide an outlet to address customer service issues, and then stay on top of addressing them quickly it is a double win. You have a chance to satisfy that customer and demonstrate to potential customers you do care about making things right and stand behind your product.

Instead of having a website that you rely on for generating all of your traffic and sales, social media allows you to be proactive about finding customers. With little more than a Facebook page and a knowledge of how to use hashtags on Twitter properly, you can interact directly with your target clientele. There is no use pretending that social networks are just for chit chat and games. People spend massive amounts of time on social networks. You need to make an effort to go to where the people are, find where your target audience interacts and then get involved. If you make people aware of your brand you increase your odds of sales. It really is that simple.

Social networking is the great equalizer. A small business can build a dedicated following online that translates into a dedicated consumer base. It helps you get your search results rankings up – and if you can get on the first page of Google, your company selling “widget X” has just as good a chance to convert as the big company that is a brand name sitting below the fold on page three that isn’t leveraging the potential of social media as well as you are. Social networking is not something to be afraid of – it is a tool and like any tool if you learn to use it correctly you will be rewarded.


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