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The weirdest true Facebook stories ever

Posted by mandyf on January 8, 2012

Facebook is where friends get together, and sometimes where weird things happen. Sometimes those things are good, and sometimes bad, but there are five instances in Facebook history that are almost too bizarre to believe. Blame it on the odds, or the absolute wow factor of the stories, but Facebook has seen some wild things happen – and so has the world, because everyone is on Facebook these days, right? That’s what they said on South Park at least. At any rate, here are the five most incredible Facebook stories ever – or at least until later in the day.

5.  Plenty of people have heard about the groom that updated his Facebook status at the altar while he was getting married and thought it was a joke. Sadly, it’s true. It makes you wonder how long that marriage is going to last with such an attachment to a social networking site, and whether he updated when he was consummating the vows on the honeymoon.

4. Nathalie Blanchard who worked for IBM posted a pile of photos on her Facebook page at a Chippendales show, on the beach, at her birthday party, and generally looking fit and happy. The problem is she was out of work on disability for depression, and Manulife Insurance Company saw the pictures and decided she looked pretty happy – and stopped her payments they had been doling out month after month. Of course smiling in a photo in no way proves you have conquered depression, but they took a shot. It is a good reminder though – think before you post!

3. A family in Missouri posted a nice Olan Mills style photo of them all smiling and looking great – mom, dad, and the kids – to their face book account. It was such a beautiful photo a food store in Prague, Czechoslovakia decided to use it for their advertising campaign. No big deal, but they didn’t ask for permission or pay for the image that appeared in newspapers, billboards, handbills, and pretty much anything that they could slap the image onto.

2. Neil Brady wins an asshat award for dumping his former wife Emma via Facebook. He posted “I’d had enough of her” and that he was moving back in with mom. Emma Brady was not a big Facebook person, so she didn’t know what happened until someone called her asking if she was okay and needed any help or someone to talk to that she found out she was getting divorced.

1. Facebook did a good thing when it comes to 19 year old Rodney Bradford. He was picked up by the police while he was at his father’s apartment in Harlem as a suspect in a robbery. What did Facebook do for him? Well, it got him cleared! The DA checked his Facebook alibi, and because he posted “Where’s my pancakes” at 11:49am on October 17th, he was released and went back to his life as usual.

Maybe Facebook is evil, and maybe it isn’t. The thing is, Facebook is what each person makes it. Random luck and Facebook kept one man out of jail, while it cost another her benefits. It landed one family a win in a lawsuit, and another a surprising end to a marriage. There are certainly other weird, amazing, and maybe even unbelievable Facebook stories out there, and plenty more just a keystroke or click of the mouse away.


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