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The funniest fake celebrity Twitter accounts

Posted by mandyf on January 8, 2012

Like it or not, Twitter is where it is at for many celebrities that want to self promote, moan and groan, or let the world know they are going to the bathroom while Tweeting. In actuality, that isn’t much different from many Twitter users. Personally, I enjoy letting the world know about every hemorrhoid flare-up, instance of the cat puking, anal acne breakout, vajayjay dryness, or that weird blister I spotted on the corner of my neighbor’s mouth. Sometimes however, reality is not enough for some people and they take on the persona of someone else – a celebrity usually – and they create a fake Twitter account in their name – or something similar.

Some fake twitter accounts are so good they have fooled the mainstream press. Others however are a little more obvious, but they are so entertaining nobody cares if they are fake. With that, here are the best fake Twitter accounts to follow.

* @BPGlobalPR

After the awful spill in the Gulf, this account popped up and began poking BP with a big sharp stick. While there is nothing funny about the spill itself, what was often said about BP was pretty funny. A favorite tweet was “If we had a dollar for every complaint about this oil spill, it wouldn’t compare to our current fortune. Oil is a lucrative industry!”

* @FakeSarahPalin

Sarah Palin is always an easy target for a few snappy jabs, bit this Twitter account has taken it to a new level, and then an new level yet again when you thought it wasn’t possible. What is fun about this fake Twitter account is that even if you like Palin, you still have to laugh at it because it’s just that funny. “Does anybody know the definition of the word obtuse? I AM NOT FAT IF THAT’S WHAT IT MEANS.”

* @StevenABallmer

Anytime you get to take a swipe at Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer it’s pretty hard to pass up. Ballmer has said some things over the years that deserve being made fun of. At this fake Twitter account that is just what is done – over and over again… Favorite Tweets include: “Google is EVIL!”, “Oracle is EVIL!”, “Steve Jobs is EVIL!”, “iPads are definitely EVIL.” Okay, they aren’t that creative sometimes, but it’s funny because you could imagine Ballmer actually saying that – it’s been rumored he really has.

* @TheFakeLarryEllison

Larry Ellison is the CEO of Oracle, and on more than one occasion it has been said he is a touch narcissistic. Okay, it’s actually been said he is really, really into himself, and this fact Twitter account reflects that. His profile lists his likes as “sailing, myself, expensive cars, the mirror, and laughing at Bill Gates.” A favorite tweet is “I’m trying to add myself to my favorites, how do I do that?”

* @fakecarolbartz

For anyone unaware of who Carol Bartz is, she is the CEO of Yahoo. Her profile lists her previous jobs as “Captain of the Titanic, pilot of the Hindenburg.” A favorite tweet is “I don’t trust people with chin clefts.” Given that she has on her own nearly made Yahoo the equivalent of the third string quarterback on the web, it may be a good idea to add “Michael Dukakis presidential campaign manager” to the resume – why not place the blame for everything on her?

* @feministhulk

Nobody really believes the Incredible Hulk is a real person, but why can’t a fake person have a wicked funny fake Twitter account? Although this is clearly a feminist slanted account, it is so funny it doesn’t matter how you feel about feminism to get a laugh. Perhaps the funniest tweet on the account is, “HULK LOVE BABIES. BABIES ARE UNFETTERED BY SEXIST IDEOLOGY, AND HAVE NATURAL INSTINCT TO SMASH THINGS.”  It is good for a laugh almost everyday.

* @oprahwinfry

Okay, so this account is full of weight jokes about Oprah which tend to get old after awhile, but now and then when Oprah makes the news for something aside from show, there are some hilarious tweets that follow. A favorite was a recent tweet after Oprah was named Forbes’ most powerful celebrity – “I’m Number 1 on the Forbes Celebrity Power list again! Treating myself to a BK Steakhouse XT tonight; I’ve earned it!”

While there are plenty of other fake Twitter accounts that are okay for  a laugh now and then, these tend to keep things on the humorous side and go light on being mean spirited – which is probably a part of the reason they never had the plug pulled on them. Stop by them for a laugh now and then – they can be a lot of fun.


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