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The world’s most valuable domain names

Posted by mandyf on January 7, 2012

Trying to honestly figure out what the most valuable domain names are is quite a challenge. At the height of the dot com craze domain names for websites were selling not only at an unbelievable rate, but they were selling for unbelievable prices. In some cases the prices reported by the buyer and seller conflicted as not all sales were formally reported publicly. In other cases the sales were reported without mention of what the price tag was. In essence that leaves plenty of room for speculation, but with the information available to anyone willing to investigate a little bit there are some domain names we can see have sold for incredible sums of money.

For the purposes of this article all monetary sums will be reported in USD. When the parties involved in sale reported differing information the average of their reported prices will be used as a sale price. As would be expected even reputable sources disagree heavily on what constitutes the most expensive domain names. Some feel it is based on what the name has actually sold for while others argue it is what the name is valued at based on a combination of traffic, revenue generated, and sale value if offered on the open market. With that in mind on with the countdown!

Coming in at number ten is tandberg.com with a value of $1.5 million. Most people aren’t familiar with this site, but for those who make a regular habit of teleconferencing it is a well known name. As their website states; “The TANDBERG Total Telepresence solution incorporates innovative technology for crystal clear video and sound, integration capability, plus a suite of services to allow for easy execution.” While that may not sound mind blowing, being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner is pretty impressive and that is what keeps them and their domain name one of the highest valued in the world.

In a dead heat for number ten is cameras.com also valued at $1.5 million. What you are going to find here actually surprises most people as it is basically just a link site. The sole function of cameras.com is to redirect people to other sites selling cameras, the site owners don’t actually sell any cameras.

With a listed value of $1.66 million, datarecovery.com comes in at number nine. What you will find here a full service site for both corporate and individual clients in need of data recovery solutions. As one would expect with the seemingly continual increase of computers in the world the recovery of lost data is a great growth industry that is nearly recession proof. As their profits increase, so too should the value of their domain name.

At number eight is seniors.com with a current value of $1.8 million. Seniors.com is not exactly what most people expect to find as it is not a site geared towards travel discounts, medical care, or any of the other issues we normally associate to senior individuals. What it is however is a dating site for seniors, a market that despite what most people tend to believe is incredibly lucrative. This is further proof that just because there may be snow on the roof the fire down below can still be burning on.

At number seven is a domain name nobody ever thinks of, in fact it isn’t even seen by people most of the time. With a value of $2.1 million computers.com becomes the mystery site du jour. The reason computers.com is called the mystery site is because if you type it into the address bar of your browser you will not go to a site called computers.com, you will be redirected to cnet.com, a subsudiary of CBS interactive Inc. Cnet.com is a name most are familiar with, they just don’t realize that part of the reason the site does so much traffic is based on the redirect traffic received, primarily from computers.com.

What list would be complete without a site geared towards money? With that in mind it should be no surprise that creditcards.com makes their entrance at number six with a value of a cool $2.75 million. At this site you get everything you would expect to and then some. Every conceivable credit card issue is covered here along with a Q&A section to answer any questions a visitor may have that they for some reason cannot locate the information for. As money becomes tighter, traffic to this site continues to increase and the value of the domain name is expected to trend upward as well.

Vodka.com pulls in at number five on the list with a current list value of $3 million. The site is restricted to people over 18 given that the topic is alcohol, and registration is required. For those that take the plunge what you will find is a site that offers everything from the history of vodka. how to make vodka cocktails, trends in vodka, reviews, and in general anything you can possibly associate to vodka even in a remote sense. It’s certainly not a site of interest to all, but obviously enough people have made what is billed as the first online vodka community a very valuable hit. Bottoms up!

With a list price of $5.1 million is toys.com. Toys.com was always a popular domain name because the keyword toy is in itself searched so often. What really jumped the value of the domain name however was the purchase of it by Toys R Us who now uses it as a site to primarily promote their offering for sale via a redirect. in essence they left the site primarily unchanged aside from giving them self top billing so that a visitor is bombarded by their products first as being the “deal of the day” while still maintaining the appearance of being a neutral site.

At number three is diamonds.com with a value of $7.5 million dollars. Basically speaking diamonds.com is the ultimate online resource for everything that has to do diamonds. Whether you are looking for rings, necklaces, bracelets, original designs, or even someone to manufacture a unique design you have created, it can all be found here. About the only thing that is not advertised for sale here is loose stones although that may be a possibility via direct contact.

The number two site at a value of $9.5 million dollars is one that cannot be named in this venue as it is for very mature adult audiences only. For anyone that has spent any time on the web what that site would be is fairly obvious.

Finally the most valuable domain name in the world at this time is fund.com. With a value of $9.99 million and no end for the increase in value of this site it is easily the most valuable confirmed domain name on the web. here a user will find everything they need to know about mutual funds. Constantly updated reports of what funds are hot, which are fizzlers, and what is going on behind the scenes with fund mangers is reported here when appropriate. For anyone looking to build a portfolio to the seasoned investor this is a very helpful site.

As was stated in the beginning of this article not all sources agree on what domain names are the most valuable. As would be expected some domain names associated with pornographic material are believed to be incredibly valuable, one is believed to have sold for better than $12 million dollars. The problem with including many adult sites in the list of the most valuable is that very few actually have a sale price that matches when reported by the buyer and seller. In the majority of these large sales, the sales were not entirely cash, but some combination of cash, transfer of existing domain names, and future consideration in sharing profits that may or may not be realized. With that in mind, what is presented is currently the ranking of the most valuable verifiable domain names known.


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