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Food that improves brain activity

Posted by mandyf on January 6, 2012

Foods that can boost you brain power are all around you and good for your body as well. Some of them even taste pretty good so you don’t have to worry about eating a can of lima beans everyday trying to keep those neurons firing at peak capacity. Of course what some people find tasty may seem pretty nasty to others, but by trying out some of the following foods you’ll be giving your brain and body a treat without spending much money or any special recipes.

One of the best and easiest ways to start your day off is with a breakfast consisting of orange juice and whole grain cereal. Both have plenty of folic acid which helps you process information faster and boosts your memory as well. Other sources of folic acid are lentils, soybeans, green peas, and broccoli. Those work just as well but don’t really taste as good or make for a great breakfast usually, but they are suited for any other meal during the day.

A McLean Hospital study which is an affiliate of Harvard University has discovered in recent studies that citicoline boosts mental energy and efficacy. They say it takes 500mg per day to reach a beneficial value which is a bit high and why they recommend a supplement, but if you want to get it all natural there are options. Choline which is converted to citicoline in the brain can be found in cauliflower and peanuts. As peanuts are a perfect on the go snack and a good source of protein as well they are usually considered the most likely natural source for citicoline.

Salmon and sardines are chock full of omega3 fatty acids which have long been touted as a great memory booster. If you’re not much on either of those fish, as many people aren’t, you can try herring or mackerel. The best thing is you only need one serving per week to reap the benefits and “think” up to three years younger according to a Rush University Medical Center Study.

According to a medical study conducted by Harvard University which ran for 25 years, one of the best ways to boost brain power is to eat plenty of vegetables, the more the better in fact. According to their findings, the 13,000 women whom participated in the study that regularly ate sprouts, spinach, and broccoli did in fact test better on studies regarding memory and processing speed than those who did not. The best results tended to belong to the women that ate the most vegetables so enjoy a salad at lunch (or anytime) and you are on your way to a sharper mind.

A final way to boost brainpower by adjusting your diet is to take in plenty of antioxidants. The antioxidants are very simple to get because they are found in natural snacks like plums, grapes, and berries. It is important to get a dose of these everyday because they come with the added bonus of containing anthocyanin which researchers believe may help slow down and possibly even reverse age related memory loss. Try to stick to blueberries, dark grapes, and even red apples to pack in the most benefits possible.

Eating healthy to boost brain power is simple and it doesn’t mean you have to eat things that taste bad or are expensive. Just try to make a point to get in a little bit of each group each day and in no time you, and likely others as well, will notice the difference.


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