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Comcast Sucks – Thousands of paying customers can’t be wrong

Posted by mandyf on January 4, 2012

There are a number of companies that have problems. Some have a little weak customer service. Some have a weak product. Some have less than satisfactory employees. Comcast hits that trifecta. Comcast has had so many BBB complaints that their is actually an e-guide that deals strictly with how to file a complaint against Comcast with the BBB. If you visit Consumer Affairs, you can literally spend over hour reading through the complaints about Comcast internet service. If you can handle the punishment, you can then spend a couple more hours reading about problems with Comcast Cable. For dessert, you can read about problems with Comcast phone service. if you haven’t guessed by now – Comcast has a lot of problems.

Depending on which poll you prefer, Comcast is  again one of the three most distrusted companies in the US. Their customer service is also rated anywhere from worst to third worst in the US. Comcast has some really sucky service when it comes to their “triple play” packages. Personally, I have Comcast and the TV and Internet work fine. The phone service blows goats, but it’s just a land line for the sake of having one. What kills Comcast is that a lot of customers have problems with them, and so far I have yet to find a single Comcast employee worth their weight in dung. Or even salt.

if you’re going to provide a crappy product, you need great customer service.  If you are going to make promises that you have no intention of delivering on, you need great customer service. if you are going to have a company run by the SEC indicted for Fraud CEO Dread Pirate Roberts – you need great customer service. You need to at least be able to convincingly lie your way out of the lies you told in the first place. For fun – let’s look at how Comcast flat out fucked some customers in 2011.

On 11/13/11:

“On tuesday, I talked to Comcast at 8*** and had a Premium package set-up for 159.00 by Jeff. He sent me over to a George, who bundled a package with an extra HD DVR and 2 other HD boxes for a total of $168.95. I also had a $50 installation fee. This all was agreed upon. I went over this agreement at least 3 times before hanging up. The techs came in today and said they have the HD DVR that comes with the package and the reg. converters, but not the HD ones for the other 2 TVs.

I talked on the phone with Kiasha, the manager, and she told me the two men will be “written up” but Comcast will not honor the agreement. This is, in my viewpoint, a “bait and switch” and I am angry that Comcast chooses to treat customers this way. I wasted my time on tuesday, and on thursday, waiting for the installers to start my service. They left saying they had the order and they couldn’t do anything. This shameful practice should be stopped and someone needs to help consumers with this fraud. I have called and emailed Comcast about this, and the only response to this was that the gentleman who set it up will be written up. This is not acceptable.

Emma of Jackson, MI”

On 10/23/11″

“Have been trying to get HD service since we moved in 3 weeks ago. First trip, did not supply HD box. Next trip, box was not working. The next call made my husband take off work to go get another clicker. It did not fix the problem. We made another appointment but they never showed up and said my husband did not answer the phone. He lied. The phone log showed no incoming calls, the condo office had no record of a Comcast tech on property.

This morning, a person showed up. He was on the phone the entire time and made the problem worse. We now cannot get the guide to see past four hours in the future. He said someone had made some temp repairs in the switch room I hallway and never completed them. I asked for his supervisor’s name and phone number which he wrote on the back of the work order I refused to sign and skinned out. I called the number and it was not a Comcast supervisor — he lied. I now have another call into Comcast. Tomorrow I am filing a complaint with Alexandria City government.”

Kim of Alexandria, VA


“Finally, we called again yesterday and we were supposed to have yet another “tech” come out on Sunday. We will see. But I called the corporate office and talked to a Chantel. She told me a Reginal rep would contact me on Monday because of this. I was told by Comcast they won’t charge me for my services (once it is fixed, I have to call and they will adjust it off). But I told Chantel at this point that isn’t enough. I have been disrespected, ignored, lied to, and made fun of. It will take more. We shall see what the result is. But I do know that I will cancel and keep complaining to anyone who will listen if they don’t do something soon. It’s almost been a month.”

Amanda of Houston, TX

“There is no rate. This is the worst service I ever had. After switching from Dish network and Verizon to Comcast, I lost the majority of TV channels. All the promises of representatives (confirmed by Comcast operator) were not true. The customer service reps, after 30-40 minutes of waiting, would say “hold on” and then disconnect you.”

Alex of Cherry Hill, NJ

Here is a classic Comcast bends you over and rides you hard moment!

“I paid my bill online. 8 hours later, they charged the same amount causing my account to be overdrawn which caused other checks to bounce. I contacted on phone and they disputed the second charge. I went to my bank and got a statement showing they charged me twice. I went to the office and showed them documentation, they still disputed the second charge because it was pending. It was pending because my bank did not pay, because it caused my account to be overdrawn. It only paid what my available balance was.”

chris of avon park, FL

“I signed up for $19.99 (6 months), then $34.99 (6 months) then finally, $44.95; no contract, 12mbps speed internet as a current cable customer. When it comes to installation, I’m told it should be $29.99 a month, then $59.99. Pure bait and switch. Comcast customer service claims (very rudely) they don’t know what the resellers are offering (oh really, it’s there under several websites!). Reseller assured me it’s for real! Who is telling the truth? See the offers online.

Comcast knows exactly what’s going on! The consumer is getting screwed by bait and switch tactics. They should be held to their offers and stop acting like the monopoly they are.”

Alexandra of Mill Valley, CA

“I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income, battling cancer and two heart attacks within last 6 months, and this simply stinks. If you can’t even get a response in a timely manner from the CEO’s Office, how can you expect anything more from those under their supervision?”

Bruce of Knoxville, TN


Those are just a tiny sampling of complaints about Comcast on one site – and that is only looking at mid September to December of 2011. When you look at Comcast with the BBB, that is a messy can of worms. Comcast operates under a load of different names. In essence, they can claim good BBB accreditation under some names and not others. For example, there is:

*Comcast Cable Communications Inc.

* Comcast Cable

* Comcast Corporation (207 of 542 locations get accredited under this name – not even 50%!)

* Comcast Cablevision Inc. – This one is NOT accredited and has 4315 complaints filed against it

You get the picture – it is absolutely ridiculous. This doesn’t even get into all the games they play with offering gift cards, iPods, and all sorts of things if you begin service and keep it in good standing for 90 days that they almost never deliver on. In many cases, they run people around months or even years and then finally claim the offer expired, blaming the customer, and then never honoring it. Sometimes they delay it for months and then offer a lot less as “compensation” with a take it or leave it attitude. This is the stuff on their own forums no less!

If you have problems with Comcast, feel free to contact any of these totally unhelpful Comcast reps that are supposed to be there to help you – the customer. Feel free to share this around anywhere you want. The only way to get Comcast to honor their agreements is to force them to honor their agreements. Don’t let Comcast bully you!

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Bill Gerth aka “ComcastBill” @comcastcares
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*Most email addresses included earlier were removed after getting a return message for “Access denied” which seems unusual and not at all like the normal failure/bounce message.

Other Places:

Comcast CEO Brian L. Robert’s blog http://blog.comcast.com/author/brian-l-roberts/
BBB: http://www.bbb.org/
State Attorney Generals Contact Info: http://www.consumerfraudreporting.org/stateattorneygenerallist.php


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