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5 amazing facts about the human body

Posted by mandyf on January 4, 2012

The human body does many amazing things, some we are well aware of, but there are plenty of things about the human body that are insanely incredible or just really cool to know most people are unaware of. Did you ever know for instance that the growth of the human brain to its current size is why wisdom teeth eventually became little more than a cash crop for oral surgeons instead of a necessary part of our feeding arsenal? Did you know that the position you are in when an event happens in part determines how well you recall that event? Did you know those don’t even make the top 5 amazing facts about the human body you probably never knew?

maybe not Shaq tall, but still...

Amazing fact number one about the human body is that you are taller in the morning – by as much as a half inch! If you happen to entering the NBA draft, make sure you get your height measured first thing in the morning – it could mean some serious cash! This happens because the discs in our body enjoy a fluid buffer that helps relieve daily stress placed upon them. As the day stretches on, the fluid diminishes and the discs compress meaning we actually shrink a little. At night the fluid builds back up and by morning we are taller again.

Something far too many people do not realize is that white skin is the product of evolution! As humans evolved and moved further away from the equator the tone of their skin slowly changed. Basically, white skin is a mutation as slight as 1 letter in DNA code of 3.1 billion letters! Why those that had the mutation thrived is unknown, it is possible it had to do with adaptation to a new environment, or perhaps that those who had lighter skin were more novel to mate with. Either way, according to a 2005 Penn State University study among countless others, white skin is a mutation of black skin.

no two the same

Just like people have unique fingerprints and retinas, the tongue is unique with no two people having the same one. For hygienic reasons it is unlikely you will ever see technology requiring you to place your tongue on a scanner or get tongue printed somehow how at the police department or entering the military, but a tongue scan would be just as unique as current methods. Who knows, one day their may be an international tongue registry.

Did you know that you glow in the dark? Maybe not as much as those little moons and stars you may have had on your ceiling as a kid, but you do really glow. Cells in the body are constantly undergoing chemical reactions which do create a small amount of bioluminescence. It takes very sensitive cameras to capture the glittering human phenomena, but it can be done. In fact, all living creatures produce light, not just humans. We just cannot see it with the naked eye.

Blonds have more fun and they have more hair – on average at least – and this does not count bottle blonds. The average person has about 100,000 hair follicles on their head – brown hair is the average. Red heads have the least with about 86,000 hair follicles, and black haired people have around 110,000. Blonds on the other hand are off the charts with a whopping 146,000 hair follicles on average! Considering that the average follicle produces around 20 hairs over the human lifespan that means blonds produce some 2.92 million hairs while average folks just get 2 million or so.

Those are just 5 little known amazing facts about the human body of who knows how many. Everyday we learn more, and while some things are a bit ho-hum, other things like these are pretty cool to know. File it away in your head for later recall, amaze your friends with your knowledge of trivia, or maybe explore for more fun facts on your own!


3 Responses to “5 amazing facts about the human body”

  1. What?! We glow in the dark? I knew the other stuff, but that’s great! I can’t wait to practice this on the kids. Wonder if I can get them to say “Bloody Mary” 3 times in a row 🙂

    That was cool stuff. Thanks for sharing

    Sharon from EA

  2. Mott said

    Very interesting reading! I’m sharing it at our Rx Group; May I add you there? I think you can bring The Group to Life!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/RxInspiration/

  3. mandyf said

    Thanks for the share and I’d absolutely love the add!

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