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WickeyWare Burst – This is the game to get!

Posted by mandyf on January 3, 2012

I’m not generally given to reviewing games, but after playing WickeyWare’s Burst I changed my mind. I went into playing this not expecting much. It looked simple and I figured I would blow right through it in no time. What I found was that while it is simple to get started and play, it’s not so easy to master. obviously I had underestimated this game. Burst gave, and is still giving me a good challenge and I’m finding it hard to put it down.

Chester, the hero of the game, has to destroy balloons he sees as a threat to his peaceful way of life. His rival Lyndon makes up these balloon puzzles that Chester has to get through to a clear a level. it sounds simple. It looks simple and the first few levels are pretty simple. it starts to get more and more complex though and you go from straight reactionary play to having to really think about destroying the balloons. Add in that the black balloons are filled with a toxic gas and Chester has his work cut out for him. Who knew – the balloons really are a threat to him!

I’m going to be straight about this – Burst is addictive. You keep thinking the next game is going to be the time you master it, but for me at least, it just proves to be a tiny step forward with a few steps back sometime. it’s frustrating in a very good way. You just don’t get bored and you can’t stop. It really is fun.

You get 40 free levels and can expand for only.99, so it’s not like you’re going to have to bust open the piggy bank to give it it a good long run. As I said, I don’t normally promote games, but when one is this good it deserves some hype. This game delivers. It has challenge, good gameplay and is not onl good for adults, but the kids like it too – and beat my pants off at it! Give it a try and I bet you’ll be pleased!


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