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Where are they now? The film cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Posted by mandyf on January 3, 2012

On September 26, 1975, the film version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show opened at the UA Theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles California  – the one place it ended up being well received at the time. Despite those early bad reviews stating the film was awful, the actors were going nowhere or had ruined their career, and nobody would ever pay to see this film, over three decades later, Rocky lives on. In fact contrary to those early predictions, many members of the cast went to long successful careers.

Where are they all now? What became of Eddie, Magenta, Riff Raff, and of course Dr. Frank-N-Furter and friends? Many of them are still around and still proud of their work they did on Rocky. Some saw their careers skyrocket, and others merely hold steady, but either way they have all become cult heroes to countless thousands of people around the world that still show up dressed to the nines for midnight screenings and the chance to do the Time Warp again.


Eddie was the former delivery boy – and bad boy – that dated Columbia. He is the nephew of Dr. Scott, but more important than any of that he was a partial brain donor for Rocky. Eddie was of course played by Marvin Lee Aday who is also known as Michael Lee Aday, but best know as Meat Loaf – or Mr. Loaf if you prefer. Since Rocky Horror, Meat Loaf has sold millions and millions of albums, won a Grammy, and appeared in over 50 film and television productions.

The Criminologist

The criminologist is better known as the narrator, and was played By Charles Gray who is best remembered for playing Blofeld in the James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever.” Currently Gray is doing very little as he passed away in March of 2000 at the age of 71.

Dr. Everett Scott

Dr. Scott was of Course Eddie’s uncle, Frank-N-Furter’s main rival, and the guy in the wheelchair that made for the great magneto scene. Dr. Scott was played by Jonathan Adams who was better known in most circles for his role in “Jesus of Nazareth.” Like Gray, Adams is deceased and doing very little having passed away in London in June of 2005.

Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror was of course “the man with blond hair and a tan” that was good for relieving Frank-N-Furter’s tension. Rocky was played by Peter Hinwood who was a character actor with a very limited resume but the willingness to work cheap which was important. He only went on to perform in one more movie, “Sebastiane”, and has since become an antiques dealer in London.


Columbia was the tap dancing, red haired ball of energy who drew the wrath of Frank-N-Furter for commenting “He’s okay” when Rocky was “Born.” Columbia was played by Laura Elizabeth Campbell who was better known by the name “Little Nell.” After Rocky, Little Nell went on to a recording career that was lukewarm, but she continued acting both on stage and in films. She also owned a string of successful nightclubs in NYC and was a regular columnist for several magazines before retiring to Sydney, Australia, where she is raising her daughter Matilda.

Riff Raff

Riff Raff was the handyman/man servant of Frank-N-Furter. Of course his real significance is that he is the guy that wrote Rocky Horror. He was born Richard Smith, but is better known as Richard O’Brien of the “Crystal Maze.” O’Brien has not had a spare minute since Rocky becoming a very in demand character actor both on the big and small screen. Currently O’Brien is still living in England and working on some writing projects. He applied for citizenship in New Zealand where he grew up and has a statue honoring him as on of new Zealand’s great entertainers, but was denied the right to retire there as he is over 55 and did not have “proof of stable employment.” Being one of their honored cinematic legends they invite back for awards and honors must count for little.


Magenta was the maid, and sister of Riff Raff, but the Belfast born Patricia Quinn got her start as a Playboy Bunny in London. Quinn is also the owner of those world famous red lips at the opening of the movie, although she is not the voice that goes with them. Since Rocky Horror, Quinn has had no problem getting work appearing in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life”, “Dr. Who – Dragonfire“, “I Claudius”, and some musical work at her convenience. Her official title is Lady Stephens by virtue of her marriage to the late Robert Stephens.

Janet Weiss

Janet Weiss was played by Susan Sarandon who had been acting for several years but was still a relative no one in the industry. Since being brutally panned by critics as a hack, Sarandon went on to do quite well piling up enough awards to fill a vault, fame, and a long annoying love affair with political activism. It just goes to show young up and coming actors that even if  a reviewer says he “would rather shave his backside with a cheese grater and squat in a bowl of witch hazel” rather than be tortured by your voice, you can still make it!

Brad Majors

Barry Bostwick played the uber-WASP to a tee. Bostwick was a star before Rocky Horror with a Tony nomination under his belt for his portrayal of Danny Zuko from Grease in 1972. After Rocky Horror, Bostwick has never had trouble not only landing work, but landing high profile work. He doesn’t appear on the stage as much as he did earlier in his career, but he did most notably star in Spin City as Mayor Randall Winston, as well as holding recurring roles on Law & Order, Scrubs, Grace Under Fire, Cold Case, Las Vegas, and loads of movies. Bostwick is still acting, although at 65 he has slowed down taking on fewer roles and relaxing more with his wife Sherri.


The sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania was played by the wonderfully talented Tim Curry. Curry has done nearly everything imaginable since Rocky Horror from playing one of the creepiest clowns ever, Pennywise, in “IT”, to King Arthur in “Spamalot.” Curry is considered one of the finest stage actors of his generation having appeared in Amadeus, Travesties, The Pirates of Penzance, and My Favorite Year. On the big screen he has done everything from play a Soviet doctor in “The Hunt for Red October” to a weird psychology professor with a thing “girls experimenting” in Scary Movie 2. He also has over 60 voice credits to add to his resume, and is still going strong.

It goes to show that even though the critics thought the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show had committed career suicide by doing the film, none really suffered for their participation at all. Aside from Hinwood who only had 2 credits prior to the film, everyone else has had very long productive careers, and in some small part at least, a little of that has to do with being in what is considered the greatest cult film of all-time.


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