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Will he cheat on you? Signs to look for

Posted by mandyf on January 1, 2012

Before you get to deep into a relationship with your man there are some signs to look for to help spot if he is prone to cheating on you in the future. While they may not be scientifically vetted, they are telltale signs many women swear by as dead ringers for spotting cheater or a potential cheater. It has to be noted however that just because your man may have one of these behaviors or traits that it is a given he is going to cheat on you, it is just a possibility that he may be in the increased pool. Use your best judgment before doing anything you will regret, but do pay close attention none the less.

Try to find out if he was spoiled as a child. This is omething which is usually easy to find out as most spoiled kids turned adults don’t mind admitting this, and usually have some tell tale signs such as turning to mommy and daddy to bail them out of trouble even though they are adults. Also listen closely or casually drop into conversation some questions targeted at finding out what their views are on cheating in general. Did they ever cheat on tests in school or pay someone to write papers for them? Men that fall into behavior patterns like this generally feel entitled to more than others and see little wrong with taking more.

Sadly, more women is usually something they want also and this tends to lead to them as viewing cheating on their partner as okay, so long as they don’t get caught of course.Usually you can spot this guy based on how he reacts to getting caught doing something wrong as well. Suppose the two of you made a homemade movie of the “adult genre” one night for some unknown reason. A few weeks later you find out his friends have seen it and confront him with it. If he exhibits guilt over being caught but not over sharing it in the first place then this is a guy highly prone to cheating according to Shirley Glass, Ph.D.

Next take a look at his career and see how that fits into the equation. if he mostly works with women that is a bad sign as workplace hookups are on the rise. Whereas this was once considered the ultimate taboo so far as interoffice relations go, more and more people at taking a relaxed view of it which is helping the trend grow. Next look at whether or not he puts in late hours on a regular basis or does a lot of entertaining or traveling as a part of his job. While this isn’t a sure sign of cheating men that fall into this category are cited as being more prone to cheat on their women than those who don’t according to Jan Halper, Ph.D. Finally check out his bank account, it has long been believed that the more a man makes the more he wants, including women, and these personality types didn’t get to the top by not taking what they want.

Before you go nuts and drop a guy because he falls into this category dig a little deeper. Ask yourself if he invites you to social functions sponsored by his job like picnics, family days, and holiday parties. Then further examine how happy he seems when you call him while he is at work. While everyone can have an off day and be grumpy, if he seems genuinely pleased to hear from you more often than not that is a good sign. If a chap falls into the above signs of a cheater, but also exhibits these positive signs as well it is likely you just landed a hard working man that has chosen you as his one and only, even if the ring isn’t on your finger yet.

Is he a charmer? A man that can talk his way out of, and into, anything is a many to be wary of. If he is the type of guy that has to say hi to everyone at a party and constantly make new contacts which are purely social you do have a reason to pay close attention. Charmers are charmers for a reason, they want something. men that constantly charm women usually want a little something more than their admiration or friendship if you catch the drift.

Finally take a look at the company keeps. If his male friends are mostly single and seem unable to maintain a relationship with a woman it is likely your man has the same problem. Herds of similar animals tend to stick together and you don’t often see one buffalo wandering around in a herd of gazelles. men are not that much different from their beastly counterparts of the wild in this respect. next take an inventory of how much time he spends with these guy friends doing “men only” activities he never gives you details about. if a guy is off doing guy things he won’t tell you about it is a safe bet he hasn’t been off playing golf. he has likely been doing something his single buddies are into like looking at or trying to pick up women.

Again please use your common sense when evaluating your man against these signs. many things do have rational explanations, but if he exhibits a few of these you may have a genuine concern when it comes to him being faithful. Treat each man on his own merits however and follow what your head and heart tells you is right for you.


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