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The Ameritania Hotel for NYC? No thanks..no thanks…

Posted by mandyf on December 30, 2011

New York City hosts a fair share of hotels that are really stretching the definition of the word to call themselves hotels. When you pay a bargain price, you have to expect that you are not going to get 5 star treatment. What happens when you do spend big money and you still get shafted? After a recent look into booking some travel to NYC, it became pretty clear that one particular boutique hotel group really sucks – the Amsterdam Hospitality Group.

When visiting NYC, you expect to pay more. You expect to get by with a little less in the way of amenities – even if you pay a couple hundred a night for a room. Location drives price. With that said though, you expect a certain amount of quality. What we found after poking around and talking to travel agents and seeing what former guests of Amsterdam Hospitality Group hotels had to say, they have issues. We won’t even get into the whole thing about the Amsterdam Hospitality Group auditor that stole over $800k from guests credit cards to trade for airline tickets. That is scary enough you’d think, but some of their hotels are even scarier. Today, we’ll look at the Ameritania Hotel.

The Ameritania Hotel garnered these wonderful reviews:

Sonny G: “If your looking to crash in the city, in a nothing prestigous or luxurious, but rather just to sleep and shower then this place is fine for you.  Don’t expect anything special.”

Charles T.: “This place was terrible. The bathrooms are tiny and the rooms are not much bigger.

I checked in and there was a moldy, musky smell coming in my room. When I mentioned this to the front desk, they flat out refused a room change.

The price I paid was definitely not worth it, and on top of this the hotel was under going renovations which made the stay even more unpleasant. Will not ever come back and wouldn’t wish this place on my worst enemy.”

Kyle H: “Worst experience ever. I’d recommend no one ever stay here. First negative review.”

Ricardo S.: “Stop!  Don’t come here!  Don’t do it…look elsewhere.  If you’ve reserved, change it.  If you can’t afford another hotel in NYC, stay in Jersey and take the PATH over.

It’s not just under construction.  The rooms are terrible.  Billing is completely all over the place.  Sure, it’s by Times Square, but there are enough subways to get you in and out that you don’t need to stay here.”

Sandy W.: “Sucks.  Oppressively dim and dark decor.  So dark in the bathroom that I had to use my iPhone to shave.  No closet and not even a stand for my suitcase.  Elevators take forever.  Lobby looks like a set from Beetlejuice.”

Alison P.: “However, I got upgraded because my initial room had a broken phone, burned-out light bulb, and no internet (which, by the way, is $9.99 a day, definitely not free, and often slow).  The whole place is kept weirdly dim, as if it will add ambience, when in fact it just makes it hard to see in your suitcase or what button you’re pressing in the elevator.  The elevator is, shall we say, leisurely.  There’s no wee fridge in your room.  The doormen are half-assed, which for some reason feels sloppier than no doormen at all.  And the hotel bar, while retro-cool to look at, had a vague smell of urine around the whole perimeter.  I don’t want to know.”

River P.: “In general, I had my worst hotel experience at the Ameritania. The staff are extremely rude and unhelpful. When I asked the doorman where the nearest subway station was (it was my first time in New York), he accused me of being lazy and told me to “walk” as it was a “beautiful day”. It was pretty cloudy, actually. After walking for about 20 minutes, I eventually found the station. He could have just told me and saved me some time…The beds feel as cheap as the look. When you sit/sleep on one, you can feel the springs constricting and the center of the bed folds a little–like paper. In the bathroom, my tub was clogged, which forced me to take very short showers. Oh, speaking of showers, THE WATER IS COLD! No hot water. There are no locks on the bathroom door, either…The TV sucks as well. If you can find a channel that works, good luck. Most are fuzzy at best.

“Only one of the two locks on the room’s door work. The internet at this hotel is a huge hassle. Unlike most hotels, internet is not offered for free here. You have to get internet through a third-party company over the phone or internet (how can you sign up for the third-party internet without internet!?). The staff here are alway speaking in a foreign language (Russian, I think) amongst each other–IN FRONT OF YOU. It is definitely uncomfortable and makes you think that they’re talking about you. One staff member in particular (Sylwia), was especially rude to me and other guests. She’s the quintessential example of someone using their job to make other people’s lives horrible…All in all, this “hotel” is a dump. The only good thing about it is its location. I would never even consider staying here again.  Don’t be fooled by the wannabe swanky lobby, because what you’ll find in your actual room is SHIT. Avoid this place at all costs.”

Valeri L.: “our room smelt like fish the entire time we were there. As soon as we walked in for the first time we smelt it…Needless to say I left New York on a sour note, which is a shame because I travel there at least twice a year. When I come back, I’m not using this hotel.”

Nick C.: “The box shaped patterned stained and dirty rug looked to be thirty years old.  I’ve never ever had to stay in a hotel where I had to wear sox in order to walk but in this one it’s a necessity…The headboard to our bed was grimy and had a bit of a slickness to it maybe left over from a tenant a year or so ago. There seemed to be a hole in the floor next to the bathroom, a tiny little respite with a grungy tub and a window that was painted shut and would not open.  The Zenith 18 inch TV looked to be from the 1960’s and I don’t say that to infer nostolgic charm as it only had 5 fuzzy stations…You really have to not be pickey with the decor, the cleanliness, and the gereral decay of what may have once been a grand hotel.  But those days are long behind it as the Ameritania Hotel looks as though it hasn’t been renovated since the Beatles played next door at the Ed Sullivan Theater back in the 1960’s.”


Sandy K.: “No television for the entire stay…explanation cable out. The walls had plastic garbage bags stuffed into the corner of the walls. The shower came out at a trickle. Thank god I did not have an ultraviolet light because i could see the filth on the comforter which was white. It was just gross”


Don: “For me there was too much bad things about this hotel, small rooms, no closets, moldy & tiny bath room, slow elevators, no way to control heat & noise from the street made for a bad stay.”

Bryan P.: “The room was a dump… lumpy mattresses on a box spring (no bed frame) and a free standing head board that kept falling over. The only piece of furniture looked like it was a tenement reject from 1903 (the dresser drawers had to be wedged with cardboard to keep shut). The bathroom had a filthy floor that was never cleaned. Management said it was because of renovation but my 80 year old father cleaned 4 tiles himself just to prove them wrong. On three of our 5 nights there was NO hot water (not even warm). Maintenance managed to fix it one night but just blew us off 2 other times (telling us it would be fixed by morning) Liars!! We thought the continental breakfast was complimentary (like other hotels), no signs to the contrary but beware… SCREWED AGAIN!!! This was the worst (non third world country) hotel I’ve ever stayed in!”

Charles: “The bathroom had mold all over… the bed had peices of toilet paper right on the bedding… The worse part is NO one said anything at check in/out about the construction. Seems customer service is as bad as the lack of clean bathrooms.”

Amnon: “Carpets are old and dirty, furniture is old, the bathroom is just disgusting. Many things don’t work – from lights to TV remote to the toilet and more. No power outlet next to the desk to plug in a laptop.”

Page after page of negative reviews like that are literally all over the web. We really looked around because there were two things we thought may have explained it all – renovations and spiteful people. The problem is that even with renovations, people still stay the place is a rat trap. People still complain that even though they may have updated the furniture from stuff from thee early 1900’s to 1960’s, it’s still old and funk y – not quaint and cute. The internet/TV/phone issue….it’s just unacceptable. The phones should work at the least. Plus, $10/day for internet when you’re already dropping heavy coin … not cool.

Speaking of cool, the heating/cooling system is just as bad as it was prior to renovations. Again. Slapping a coat of paint on walls doesn’t make the rooms any warmer. Still too many clogged drain, poor water pressure/temperature issues to be okay with. Even if the property gets a facelift, there are too many complaints about the staff.

So what we finally figured is this – it’s worth the extra money to avoid this place. The location is great, but we want clean sheets. We’d like a bathroom that has soap. Coat hangers would be nice. A friendly staff would help, but that doesn’t seem to be a high priority. If however you like a rundown filthy hotel that is barely scraping by thinking about being close to a 2 star, actually a 1 star+, then this is okay. Just bring your own towels, linen and as many suggested, water and food – and a small space heater for the winter.


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