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An Open Letter To Paul Cristoforo

Posted by mandyf on December 30, 2011


We haven’t ever met in any meaningful way, but we do have some common acquaintances like the mayor of Boston. I never met you through him or through Susan. We never spoke of you actually. That’s not what this is about though… Dude! Seriously? Were you tripping in a K-Hole or something during that entire exchange – and you know the exchange I’m talking about. If you were on PCP or some really potent Sao Paulo trip weed or something I could understand. Not saying I would forgive or defend what you did, but I’d understand it.

because of your actions, a world of SMM professionals are going to spend the next several months having to constantly answer questions or comment on your ass-hattery. A lot of people that engaging an SMM for the first time have reservations about doing so because there are some less than scrupulous ones out there. There are some that would act like a total asshole and ruin a client’s reputation. There are some that would, or would threaten to, hold a client’s accounts, email, site etc… hostage until certain demands were met. Some of those people would think it was their right, as if by some divine order, that they get whatever they want just for showing up, and everyone around them should just be grateful to bask in their aura. I’m sure you’ve heard of that type of person running around.

I know how hard you work to always maintain a sterling reputation. I know you’d never call out a customer and use abusive language toward them just because you aren’t in the mood to deal with them or you think you are far more important than they are. You wouldn’t tell paying customers they were whiners and you were going to sell their products on eBay or anything. That’s not your style. Even if you did, you wouldn’t issue a half-ass almost sounds like an apology way to late after the fact to mean anything and expect business to go back to business as usual. That would be ludicrous.

The problem is – you did do that. I’m a nobody in the grand scheme of things. I do know quite a few people that are somebody in the SMM industry, people I do care about. I know that your actions have caused repercussions they will have to deal with. I know it will be harder to get people to trust them because you just screwed up in the most high profile way possible – and then made it even worse after the fact. For them, I feel sorry. Sorry that while you go back to real estate or whatever the heck it is you plan to do, they will still be cleaning up your mess and trying to repair the image of an entire industry that you sullied. For that, you suck.


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