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Nook docking station video hits the web – is it a winner?

Posted by mandyf on December 29, 2011

A small start-up company scooped Barnes & Noble on their own product line by bringing a docking station for the Nook to the market long before B&N seemingly gave the possibility the slightest thought. The ReaderDock was introduced via a video that recently hit YouTube. You may not necessarily NEED a docking station this pimped out for your Nook Color, but damn you know you WANT one. I want one. Plus I am way into feeling like I scooped this shit, and I never scoop shit! Okay, I scoop cat shit out of the litter box all the time, but not like a real news type of scoop thing.

So the deal here, as it appears, is that this company has been running a grassroots type of thing for awhile which has primarily been finding out what the interest level for the product is. They started petitions which have been generating some buzz, press releases – the whole nine yards. B&N never seemed to take notice that there was a demand for a docking station. Rather than let a good idea go to waste, they got a prototype into production and are getting ready to take pre-orders.

I have been able to get some actual info from the ReaderDock folks and here is what I found out. The dock is specifically designed to fit the Nook. It is not a generic dock that has to be sized to fit a variety of products. The dock will charge your Nook, but it also has built in speakers so you can set it up and basically use it like a mini-theater system. it’s not overly large judging by the video, but I couldn’t get the specific specs on it. No price point has been established yet that I was let in on, but I couldn’t imagine it being too terribly high.

If you want a little more info on this product or want to sign on for a pre-order, here is some contact info for them:


ReaderDock Website


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