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New Year’s Fun By The Numbers – The random and weird that is new year’s eve

Posted by mandyf on December 29, 2011

With a new year quickly approaching, we thought it might be fun to present you with a little something different to help set the mood. The odds are you will eat and/or drink too much, do something embarrassing or witness someone do something terribly embarrassing. Did you ever wonder how many people will get too drunk? How many drunk drivers will be picked up on new year’s eve? How many drunk pedestrians for that fact. What are some really weird, off the wall, I never thought of that before types of things about new year’s that make it what it is. Today, we have that info for you right here.

A safe, prosperous and thoroughly enjoyable 2012 to all of you from all of us here at Mind Candy!

As Kelso would say, "The car is on fire!"

**In France, New Year’s fun means torching cars! According to AFP; “In Paris, where a large crowd is expected to gather for the annual celebration on the Champs Elysees, police have banned the sale of “domestic combustibles” such as lighter fuel from Wednesday to Monday. Alcohol sales have also been banned around the Champs Elysees on New Year’s Eve.” Yee-Haw!

** Did you ever wonder about the song Auld Lang Syne? You know it – the midnight song that everyone slurs through the lyrics to? According to infoplease, even though the song has been around since 1796, it wasn’t until 1929 it bevame the song we think of today.

“…bandleader Guy Lombardo, and not Robert Burns, who popularized the song and turned it into a New Year’s tradition. Lombardo first heard “Auld Lang Syne” in his hometown of London, Ontario, where it was sung by Scottish immigrants…Lombardo played the song at midnight at a New Year’s eve party at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City in 1929, and a tradition was born. After that, Lombardo’s version of the song was played every New Year’s eve from the 1930s until 1976 at the Waldorf Astoria. In the first years it was broadcast on radio, and then on television. The song became such a New Year’s tradition that “Life magazine wrote that if Lombardo failed to play ‘Auld Lang Syne,’ the American public would not believe that the new year had really arrived.”

She could steal my ride any day** According to the national insurance crime bureau, more cars are stolen on new year’s day than any other day during the year? Why? It’s a number of reasons. people leave cars in places they normally wouldn’t because they got drunk. people leave car doors unlocked, or worse unlocked with the keys in the car because – they’re drunk. people sleep in late because they stayed out providing extra theft time. people leaving cars in unsupervised parking lots on new year’s eve provide a clear and well defined time frame for how much time is available to steal their car. it is a night providing the perfect storm of circumstances for car thieves.

** If you happen to be in Italy, wear red underwear to ring in the new year. It probably couldn’t hurt to give that a go in country – and just make sure it’s clean red underwear… ya know.. just in case.

** Behind Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve is the night with more drunk driving incidents than any other.

** 45% of Americans will make some form of a New Year’s resolution – only about 8% will achieve those goals each year. About 19% will hit their goal every other year. About 24% report never hitting their resolution goals. The lesson to be learned is don’t make resolutions, or make ones that you can and actually want to achieve.

** Of people aged 18-25 – 1 in f4 reports having gotten into a physical altercation on New Year’s. Incidentally, 40% of them also report passing out drunk before midnight at least once.

** 59.5% of single adults reported that they would rather have a kiss on new year’s eve than a new laptop. That’s sweet. it really is sweet. Are they fuckin’ high? Holy crap! Seriously? What the hell is in the water they’re drinking?

** 7% of the population doesn’t even bother celebrating new years.

** Between 9pm and 3am on new year’s, you’re about 9 times as likely to be a victim of violent crime than any other day according to the bureau of crime statistics.

This shit really happens when you gety high and hookup!

** Of people aged 16-21, 19% expect to hookup with a stranger for a little random something-something on new year’s.Of this same demographic, 9% plan to take illegal drugs prior to midnight. One can only hope – for their sake – they hook up with someone, then get high , then get laid. if you get high first – who knows who you might hook up with! Not that we condone or encourage drug use, but if you’re going to get stoned and sexed up, do so responsibly.



Have a great new Year’s, come back safe and see what we have planned for 2012! Rock on!


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