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Sex tips women wish men knew

Posted by mandyf on December 26, 2011

Who needs tips on sex? According to a recent survey by Cosmopolitan magazine, a lot of men need a little help when it comes to better pleasing women in bed. It’s not to say that men are awful lovers, or they do everything wrong, what they found is that men just need a little extra guidance and some help with learning how to do the things they already do okay a whole lot better. Read through the following tips and advice from real women, and give yourself a pat on the back for what you are doing right – and take some notes on what you are doing wrong.

1. Preheat the oven

Kissing is important – it gets things flowing, intensifies the mood, and it goes a long way to helping you get what you want as well. Foreplay is not immediately grabbing a woman’s breasts and motor boating, nor is it a peck on cheek and the application of 70 pounds of subtle pressure to her neck to push her downward toward your happy zone. Learn to kiss – really kiss not some porno nightmare spit swapping frenzy. Try kissing her neck, collarbone, wherever you find by trial and error that arouses her -and take your time, it’s not a race.

2. Foreplay

You have to put in some overtime to get a good payout. Don’t be in such a rush to get her naked. Make it a process. Don’t just strip her, try stripping yourself first – and do remove the white tube socks even if your feet get cold. Take the time to explore and find out what your partner likes and what she doesn’t. Ask questions – she will be happy that you are and more than willing to provide you exact directions as to what really gets her in the mood.

3. Oral Sex

This is in regards to her – not you! You’re not painting a fence and you’re not chewing taffy. Be gentle but firm. Maintain focus on the areas she responds to the most favorably. It is really very simple if you just pay attention. She will let you know when you’re doing right – and if she can tear herself away from you to take a phone call or file her nails you’re not doing it right. Ask for help.

4. Know Your Partner

If you want to get better, you have to ask for guidance. Don’t assume you know it all even if you’ve been with several or several dozen women. Each woman is an individual with their own specific likes and dislikes. What you did with one woman that drove her crazy may do nothing more than make another woman wonder why she let you into her bed.

5. Know the Timeline

Just because you’re done doesn’t mean she is. In fact, most of the time women have barely started by the time their man finishes leaving them to take care of them self or deal with frustration. Keep in mind where both of you are in regards to climaxing, and make sure she can have an orgasm first or with you. You have to remember that unlike men, women can have several orgasms on short order if sufficiently aroused. Women are not chained down to the one and done orgasm cycle.

6. Spice It Up

Do not become a slave to routine. Have sex in the morning just because you can. Discuss new ideas and fantasies with each other. Be willing to try new things even if they may seem a little weird – you never know what is going to work if you don’t try. Keep in mind that even if you love ham sandwiches, if they are all you eat you’ll get tired of them eventually – sex is not really all that different, you need to mix it up.

Good sex is far more mental than it is physical. You can go far toward satisfying a woman if you stimulate her mind as well as her body when sex. While there is a time and place for the good ol’ fashioned quickie, most of the time a woman would prefer you take the time to appreciate her and make her feel special and sexy. She will love that you are secure enough to ask her what feels good instead of breaking out the same old tired bag of tricks everyone else has and uses repeatedly. Communication is the key – with that and an open mind you can learn to satisfy your woman every time.


2 Responses to “Sex tips women wish men knew”

  1. Some of this goes both way. Kissing is pretty important but some women frankly just don’t know how.

    Also, ORAL is HUGE! Look, I can’t tell you how many women say, “I give the absolute best blowjobs ever (or some variation of that statement) and they don’t even come close. Look, the pressure isn’t all about the man. Learn what he likes. Every woman can Deep Throat. That’s not some amazing trick that only you know. Find out what he likes too. And don’t be afraid to tell him what you do.

    And PLEASE please please please women, make sure your va jay jay is well groomed and smells nice. Hint – Fish or smell of armpits is not s sexy smell if you want your guy spending time down there. If you smell it, trust me, he does too and he will NEVER embarrass you, by telling you unless he’s a heartless bastard or very smooth about how he tells you = Probably almost all guys would never tell you.

    On the whole it’s pretty good advice but in the long run we men are often overlooked…

    But ya… I think a majority of men don’t know how to please their women and could use advice like this, for starters…

  2. mandyf said

    Agreed! it is a two way street and there is a lot that women need to learn as well – which is something that I should cover as well. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and many of the “I’m the best evah” crowd wind up being anything but. I appreciate the input and will definitely make mention of it. Thanks!

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