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What should boys do when girls are ignoring them

Posted by mandyf on December 20, 2011

Prior to ascending beyond the second grade the answer to this was always very simple, throw rocks at them, pull their hair, or make up silly rhymes using their name in less than flattering ways. It does work, that can be said from personal experience, however it isn’t really the type of attention you want. Also even at that age it is considered poor form and usually comes with a disciplinary action, actually that is true at any age. For the more mature person though there are ways to get a girls attention even when she seems to be ignoring you that do often provide decent results that will be looked at one by one.

Physically put yourself in a place or situation in which she has no choice but acknowledge your presence. The girls locker room is not what we’re talking about here, think more along the lines of social and professional settings. The trick is getting her to actually pay attention to you, after all she has been ignoring you. By placing yourself in the same circles she travels there is the possibility she will take notice of you. If that doesn’t work escalate the program to create a situation in those settings in which she will have to focus some attention on you.

Creating a situation which focuses attention on you is actually pretty easy. You can accomplish this by befriending someone she talks to on a regular basis and getting an introduction, or you can go the other route and try the “bump and apologize” tactic. Yes it is old and tired but it will get her attention, show you have manners, and maybe, just maybe, open the door to some conversation. If conversation doesn’t take place at that moment, the next time you see her you can make light of the encounter by taking an exaggerated sidestep away from her in passing to see if it registers with her.

Make yourself the solution to a problem she has. Everyone has issues, some big, some small, but everyone enjoys some input on how to resolve them. This can be tricky to do without seeming like a nosy jerk, but it is possible. When someone has a problem they usually share it and before long it makes the rounds. If you have a willing sidekick willing to carry on a conversation with you in her proximity about the same or a similar issue, and you tell your wingman you figured out how to handle it, but don’t detail how you did it, it is possible she may come to you for your advice.

Of course the best and most sure way to get a girl that has been ignoring you to notice her is to just approach her and say hi. Sure it leaves the prospect for being shot down in flames by being ignored again, but at least you know where you stand without having to go through complex plans that would confuse even MacGyver. Most important of all is to remember not to invade her personal space, don’t be a stalker, and if she shows no interest just move on. If she refuses to acknowledge you it is her loss and you can and will do better!


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