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“Sexy” things that are really a turn-off for men

Posted by mandyf on December 19, 2011

Men are odd creatures and many things women do thinking it will be very sexy and turn their man on wind up having the opposite effect all together. You may think what you are trying to pull off will be ultra hot and automatically bend him to your will, but the reality is sometimes they just don’t buy into it. With that said not everyone is the same and while some people like it vanilla, others live by the freakier the better. In some cases there are things that are a turn on just when you are alone, but way off the charts into the land of turn-offs anywhere else. Take a quick inventory and see if you do any of these things that tend to turn men off.

As much as we think men are super into fishnet stockings, the reality is most aren’t. To be more accurate this is one of those things they love to see the video vixens in, they get a kick out of seeing the super leggy super model in them, just not the woman they are dating when out in public. Fishnets scream “look at me!” and not every man is terribly comfortable being out with a woman that draws eyes from every angle. Making your man feel uncomfortable isn’t sexy. If you have to wear the fishnets save them for the bedroom, not the night you go out to dinner.

Here is another “okay when at home” thing which is not wearing any underwear. At home this can be super hot, but he doesn’t want to think of you going to work like that! A few do, but they fall on the freaky side of the scale. The thing about this is your man wants to feel like he is the only one that has been there in any manner, physically or visually. Most likely he isn’t and knows that, but you don’t need to plant it in his mind that while you’re away from him everyone has an all access pass to take in the sights.

Men don’t find the party girl downing fruity colorful shots one after the other sexy. They do find her easy which is why she gets a lot of attention and action, but is that what you’re going for really? A guy is not impressed by you being able to down ten jell-shots or a slew of blue drinks that come garnished with fruit. He doesn’t see sexy in that woman, he sees a target, a creature that can be separated from the herd. If you’re going to be in a social environment where drinking is taking place and you want to be sexy, stay sober. If you have to have a drink, order a real drink like a Single Barrel Jack Daniels on the rocks and nurse it. Every man that knows his way around a bar knows that is a drink to savor, not slug down and they will find that you understand that as well sexy.

Take it easy on the makeup. Too much makeup gives the impression you have something to hide so keep it simple. Tammy Faye Bakker wore a pile of makeup and you can’t convince too many people that was a good look. Go for smoky eyes, simple lipstick, and and a nice basic clean look. Glitter is popular, but take it easy on that. You see glitter and think fun and sexy, he sees glitter and thinks stripper. For some guys that works, for most it doesn’t, at least the men that have grown up.Likewise red lipstick looks great on some women, but it also sends the message you are not to be touched or kissed lest you be smudged. That isn’t too sexy a message to send.

A final thing to look at in the delicate south of the border area is the pubic grooming. It is sexy to keep things well landscaped and looking clean and under control. It isn’t very sexy to go to extremes carving in unicorns, lightning bolts, cat whiskers, and smiley faces in your pubic patch. In fact if you expect a man to ever take care of business down there don’t even entertain this idea, it isn’t sexy, it’s comical! A guy that is laughing and has the image of your pubic patch panda on his mind isn’t paying attention to the task at hand and nothing is worse than having someone down there that isn’t 100% focused on making quality job one.

There are tons of thins we as women think are sexy or at least cute that most men don’t. These are a few of highlights, but trust in the fact that for everything we find to be a turn-on there is a man that sees it as a turn-off. The main thing is that you do what makes you feel confident and sexy and find a man that feels the same way. However if you have been in a drought and you employ any of the above cited things as a part of your “sexy” repertoire, maybe it is time to try something new.


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