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5 signs that he is not interested in you anymore

Posted by mandyf on December 17, 2011

Sooner or later everyone reaches a point in one of their relationships when it starts feeling like he just isn’t into you anymore. Sometimes the signs of this are very subtle and at others they reach right out and give you a few smacks across the face heralding this new change in your relationship dynamic. It is the subtle changes you need to be aware of and on the lookout for as they are the ones that you always recognize in retrospect and wonder how you ever could have missed them. Pay attention and keeps these tips handy and you will be prepared and ready to act when things are trending towards that downward spiral to a breakup.

The first sign is that he is always too tired to do the things that you want to do together. The perfect example of this is the guy that maybe works a half day on Saturday and then goes out to play ball or hang out with his buddies for a few hours before talking to you. Everything seems fine with him until you bring up your ideas on ways to spend the night and he is suddenly too tired to go out and just wants to stay in. he may even say it’s been a long week and is planning on going to bed early. If this only happens every now and then it is no big deal, it is when it starts happening as often as it doesn’t you need to be concerned. Ask yourself this, if it was really important to him to spend time with you and it had been a long week, wouldn’t he come home from work and rest a little bit so he could be fresh and spend time with you instead of hanging out with his friends?

The second sign to look for is that he doesn’t follow through on plans with any regularity. Somehow or another no matter how far in advance you make plans he finds an excuse to back out or conveniently be out of contact with you. Meetings pop up at the last minute, he has family emergencies, all of his friends seem to get flat tires or cars that break down when you have plans. Sometimes his phone starts having weird issues where it never did before, his email is somehow inaccessible, or he tells you that you can’t call him at work to reach him even if this is something that has never been an issue before. The fact is he is avoiding you and letting you know this way rather than coming right out and telling you he’s no longer interested.

Whenever you hit any bump in the road you are always the reason for it. it’s your fault the directions to a restaurant weren’t right even if he never asked you for them. It’s your fault he doesn’t have any clean clothes even if you don’t do his laundry. It’s your fault he never has enough time to spend with his friends even if the real reason is that he’s working more hours. No matter what the issue is he somehow brings it all back to you and lays the blame at your feet. At this point you are less than a month away from splitting because he is not into you anymore.

He suddenly starts asking if “we are okay?” or inquires about what you want in the future. While this doesn’t sound bad, it is bad when whatever answer you supply is responded to with a reason he can’t give that to you or doesn’t see your goals as a part of his future. This is a clear sign that he is no longer really thinking of you as a couple but separate individuals that just happen to know each other. he wants to breakup but doesn’t have the guts to do it, so he is trying to make you do it for him. Do him and yourself a favor and drop him like he’s hot.

A final sign he isn’t interested in you anymore is that he not only looks at or comments on other women, he does it right in front of you. If Angelina Jolie just happened to walk by it is natural for everyone to check her out, but if he is doing this on a regular basis over random women that pass by right in front of your face or commenting on them directly to you, the honeymoon is over. He is most likely with you just because he hasn’t found your replacement yet. if it sounds harsh it is, but there are plenty of people out there whom operate this way.

Be vigilant watching for these signs in your man. if you see them cropping up on a regular basis on their own or all together, he is not interested in you anymore. he either doesn’t have the guts to breakup or he’s waiting to find someone new and see how that goes before he breaks up with you. Either way you don’t want to deal with that headache or a man like that. Do yourself a favor and force the issue out into the open and make the choice which is right for you.


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