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Hottest female celebrities with tattoos

Posted by mandyf on December 13, 2011

The compilation of the hottest female celebrities with tattoos list reads like a Tommy Lee fantasy come true. While some in the top eleven  list, because ten just isn’t enough, are no surprise, a few may be a little bit shocking to people that do not follow celebrity ink. The hot list was compiled by using FHM’s Sexiest 100 Women List, and then identifying which women have been inked. During the latest analyzed compilation, 35 of the 100 sexiest women were inked – to highly varying degrees. Some had one simple hidden tattoo while others are darn near sleeved.

Katy Perry comes in at number eleven with two known tattoos. On one wrist, she has “Jesus” in script lettering, and she recently picked up a second piece to match her new hubby that reads “Anuugacchati Pravaha” on the inside of her right arm which she debuted on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. The phrase is Sanskrit and loosely translates to “Go with the flow.”

Christina Aguilera is next, and she is an ink junkie. While it has long been rumored the dirty girl has more ink than the world has seen, she does have several known pieces that include the Hebrew letters “Yud and Bet” for her husband, “Te Amo Siempre”, a Mickey Mouse tat, “Xtina”, and a Hebrew passage that reads “I am to my beloved what my beloved is to me.” Motherhood did slow down her ink collecting, but Xtina has intimated that she still has a few pieces she would like to add at some point, but has not revealed what they are.

Jessica Alba sports three tattoos, two of which she acquired with her mother and aunt as a bonding experience. Her first piece was the word “Padma” on her wrist which means “lotus flower” in Sanskrit. The pair she picked up with her mom and aunt are small pieces on her neck, one is a ladybug and the other a daisy.

Leighton Meester has a cherry blossom on her left wrist, which is usually covered with makeup while working. She says she got it after wrapping up shooting “Remember the Days” with her friend Jess Manford. She said Jess had a tattoo of a lucky star and it sounded like a cool idea to her so she got one.

Jessica Biel who became famous on “7th Heaven” has a small dove tattooed low on the right side of her stomach just above her bikini line. It is so small. Most people miss it, and many magazines have even airbrushed it out of photos of her that they have used where it would normally appear.

Rihanna is a dyed in the skin ink fan that has often spoken about how tattoos are an addiction for her and that she loves hanging out in tattoo parlors. Just how many pieces Rihanna has is amystery, but she has slowly added to existing pieces like the small patch of stars that started high on the back of her neck and have since trailed down to her right shoulder blade.  She has “Love: tattooed in script on the inside of her left middle finger, “Never A Failure, Always A Lesson” below her right collarbone, and a skull wearing a bow on the back of her right leg just above the heel. “Shhh” resides on the inside of her right index finger, a small design is behind her right ear, musical notes are on her right foot, a gun is on her right side a few inches below the armpit, and there could well be more. With Rihanna, you just never know,

Victoria’s Angel  Adrianna Lima comes in at number five and has just one simple tattoo on the inside of her right ankle which is a tribal pattern with a small star along for the ride. There are no rumors of more hidden ink or plans for Lima to collect a little more art.

Uber film bad girl Eliza Dushku has had plenty of temporary tats for various roles including the one she wore on her right arm when portraying Faith on the show “Angel.” Dushku does however have plenty of the real stuff to go around including the flag of Albania for her father, a double headed eagle on her back, “Grace” on her neck to memorialize her grandmother, and “Lead, Kindly Night” on her right hip which is from an 1800’s hymn. She also has a feather on her ribs which Kat Von D. inked and a cross on her ankle.

Malin Akerman who is one of the elite models to come through the Ford Modeling Agency weighs in at number with three with two known tattoos. On the inside of one wrist she has the letter “Z” for her husband who has the surname Zincone, and on the back of her neck a lotus flower with a Sanskrit phrase which means “to play.”

Megan Fox is number two with more ink than who knows what. Fox has added and removed ink at a prodigious rate making it near impossible to have an accurate inventory of what she has retained and tossed. It is known that Fox has a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, the name “Brian” for an on again/off again boyfriend, and another on her ribs in honor of Mickey Rourke just waiting to be caught by a photographer. She has two passages scripted in, the first from King Lear which reads, “We will all laugh at gilded butterglies”, and the other from Nietzsche “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” There is a symbol for “strength” on her neck, a star on her ankle, and by best guess, two that have been removed. Fox has stated that she plans to sleeve out at least one arm. There are also rumors of a crescent moon tattoo somewhere on her body, but that has not been verified yet.

Olivia Wilde rides in at number one on the list of the hottest female celebrities with tattoos. Wilde, born Olivia Cockburn, got her first ink at only 13 years old. Wilde has a butterfly on the outside of her right bicep and a heart on the small of her back. Wilde said that tattoos were a way of acting out and being a rebellious teen.

Just for fun, a few celebrities that made the Maxim Hot 100 that missed the cut for this list who sport tattoos include:

Angelina Jolie
Hilary Duff
Charlize Theron
Avril Lavigne
Heidi Klum
Danica Patrick
Marisa Tomei

FHM magazine
Vanishing Tattoo


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