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5 DIY celebrity hairstyles

Posted by mandyf on December 11, 2011

Celebrity hairstyles are always in vogue, but not everyone has the money to spend duplicating the looks of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Rhianna, or Katie Holmes. Luckily there are some simple steps women can follow to get the same look as many top name stars at home without spending a bundle of money, the key is all in knowing how the hairdressers to the stars pull it off.

Certain celebrities have a signature hairstyle that are nearly timeless. Below several celebrity hairstyles will be outlined that you can DIY the same look – after getting the initial cut in some cases. Some are easier than others but all are attainable. With a little practice you’ll have no trouble pulling these styles off anytime you want to.

Kristen Stewart styles a retro rocker – almost punk – shag that takes very little to copy and looks fabulous. Think of Joan Jett’s 70’s hairstyle with a little update. The first step is when you see your stylist, have your cut at different lengths, after that it is all on you. Apply a texturizing spray to your hair and then blow dry the strands while working your fingers slightly upward and out. This will add volume and help create what can best be described as a controlled mess. To dress it up twist in some pin curls around your ears and you’re ready for a night on the town.  The look is fast, simple, and flatters almost any facial shape.

Rhianna’s punk pixie look is as hot a look as there is. Have your stylist cut your hair long on the top and short on the sides and you’re prepared to mimic any of several hairstyles Rhianna uses. By doing nothing more than changing the location of the part you have a new look. You can spray into a slicked back look, flip the ends, add some curls, or go with a modified Mohawk. It’s all your choice and they all look great.

Beyonce has phenomenal hair and most everyone is intimidated by the prospect of trying to copy her super smooth strands. Granted that doing so takes a ton of time, but it can be done. To start you need a good anti-frizz cream that you must smooth over all of your hair – not just the outer layers. Next set your blow dryer to hot and paddle brush your hair until any tangles are removed and your hair is somewhat tamed and free of frizzies.

The next step is to work through your hair with a fine tooth comb before getting out the hair straightening iron. Do not use the straightening iron against to close to the scalp – use the fine tooth comb just ahead of the iron and very slowly work your way all the way to the ends. Try to not work with strands that are more than an inch wide. It will take time, but it can be done.

To get a hairstyle like Gwyneth Paltrow, you will need to straighten your hair in the same manner as outlined for Beyonce, but the biggest thing is that you need to match her color. About a half inch from your roots you need to streak your hair all over using using a light golden blond dye. In order to maintain the look as long as possible use a product specifically designed for dyed blond hair like Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo. It’s simple, classy, and always looks good.

Finally Kim Kardashian has curls to die for. Replicating her hairstyle is fairly simple in all actuality. After washing your hair, make sure that you keep the roots damp. Then spray in a volumizer and blow dry your hair – but do not dry it completely – stop when you are about ¾ of the way done. Clip your top layers – not the bottom –  and break out the blow dryer. Using a round brush, start wrapping a small section around it and blow dry until the section is completely dry. Repeat the process until you have finished. When you are done you will have bombshell curls. Wait five minutes and then release the pinned sections of your hair. To change things up a bit you can do a little twist on the top layers for extra body.

These are five celebrity hairstyles that will work on most any woman. They just take a little time and practice to perfect, but aside from some help with the cut you can do these on your own at little or no cost.


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