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Myths about masturbation

Posted by mandyf on December 7, 2011

“Stop that you’re going to go blind!” How many people remember their parents saying that when they even had the slightest thought that masturbation may be occurring under their roof. The fact is masturbation doesn’t cause blindness, nor is it evil or some sign of sickness. Since before anyone began recording history, masturbation has been a part of life, a normal healthy part of life in fact, yet so many of the myths surrounding it are horrendously negative.

For years parents, clergymen, grandparents, and even teachers charged with sexual education classes told everyone masturbation was bad for them. There really is no basis for it, in moderation masturbation is actually a good thing. It releases pent up sexual energy. It poses no physical threat to a person, but if it becomes an obsession then it definitely is a mental problem. Masturbation to that degree though is decidedly not the norm however. Now that we know it poses no physical harm and is definitely not going to make you go blind, what are some of the other common myths surrounding masturbation?

Some people still purport that only males masturbate. This is completely false. During puberty males and females indulge in them self at a pretty close to equal rate, although girls tend to start just a hair older than boys. As puberty ends however, men do audition the finger puppets at a higher rate than women, and women tend to masturbate even less when in a sexual relationship. Men on the other hand tend to keep up a fairly regular rate of activity.

Many kids believe that adults don’t masturbate, especially married adults as they assume they can have all the sex they want. This is false, on both counts in most cases. Adolescents do tend to masturbate more than the average adult, but reaching the age of majority certainly does not end self gratification. While this myth is nowhere near as common as it once was thanks in large part to the easy access of pornography online which has plenty of examples of adults partaking of this activity.

Masturbation makes you weak is the all-time classic perhaps. This goes hand in hand with “women weaken legs.” For decades, probably centuries, athletes were told that spilling their seed prior to an athletic event would make them weak. Some reports claim it actually makes athletes stronger in the very short term, most say it creates no change. The one thing they agree on is it definitely doesn’t make you weak.

Masturbation does not reduce a mans virility. This was often said because nobody could think of any medical reason as to why a man may not be able to impregnate a woman. It was so strongly accepted in fact, that even when medical science disproved this the myth continued to linger on and on. The general thought was masturbation caused a mans ejaculate to be less thick, and the less thick the ejaculate was the less likely a woman was to become impregnated.

Another classic is that only people in unfulfilled sexual relationships, or lacking a regular sexual relationship masturbate. The fact is regardless of the nature of a person sex life, masturbation occurs and it is often a very a great part of a couples routine. Beyond that, masturbation is most often about self satisfaction and meeting a persons immediate physical needs. It is in no way an indication of an unhealthy or lacking sex life.

Masturbation is evil/sinful. Masturbation is neither. In the Old Testament, Genesis 38: 6-9, the death of Onan was attributed to masturbation according to some interpretations, hence the term “Onanism” which is now synonymous with masturbation. Most interpretations however point out that Onan’s death was the result of trying to use a primitive form of birth control. In the New Testament there is often one reference, 1 Corinthians: 6-9, which is pointed to, but is now roundly discounted. A Greek term “Malakoi Arsenkoitai” which was believed to mean “soft morals” as well as “fine” in some instances was changed to read masturbation when the Protestant church formed and did a little Biblical revision. The passage didn’t last long as masturbation was replaced with the word “homosexual” in the 20th century. Either way you slice it, it is hard to accept either citation as proof that masturbation is evil or sinful Masturbation will always be surrounded by myths as the time these false seeds are often planted is when kids are very confused about the whole concept of sex. In many cases they continue to spread because one kid who knows no better tells another in the same boat, and the myths just keep growing. As adults we may look back on them and laugh at how silly they all seem, but as kids…is it ever amazing the things we would believe?


http://www.sexhealth.org/masturbation/female-masturb ation.shtml


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