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What history has taught us about how to pick up women

Posted by mandyf on December 2, 2011

The age old question of how to impress a girl has been pondered on by some of the greatest minds in the world for thousands of years and here we are still asking it. The reason is, nobody can figure out one solid way that works for everyone. If they could, we would all be matched up, or all bouncing from one person to the next as everyone was equally impressed by everyone else. It really is quite the conundrum, but it is a fun one to explore by figuring out what has worked in the past and choosing methods that may still work today.

Back in the early days of man, a woman could be impressed by a man that had the ability to drive a herd of brontosaurs into a pit where they could then be killed, butchered and used to feed the entire tribe. These days that doesn’t work quite as well because we don’t have brontosaurus wandering around anymore. Maybe this tactic worked so good, that  that is really why the dinosaurs are extinct and not the whole ice age thing? It also doesn’t work because if anyone tried to drive a herd of any animal into a pit to be slaughtered and butchered, PETA would go nuts. Would you be impressed by a guy that effectively herded stray kittens? The third reason is we now have grocery stores and restaurants and that voids the whole hunter angle.

Public domain This media file is in the public domain in the United States. This applies to U.S. works where the copyright has expired, often because its first publication occurred prior to January 1, 1923. See this page for further explanation.As time moved on, being able to read was a big turn on, and it still is to some degree although not like the medieval days. Back then a person that could read was the epitome of education in the broad sense and considered to have good prospects for the future. The ability to hold a job and provide for a woman was sexy. Then again having most of your teeth was also a turn on as it meant you were likely in good health and could live long enough to keep providing for a woman, so take that for what it is worth. Before we dismiss this though, let’s look at it again. Being an educated person in good health is a good way to impress a girl, so we can take a tip from these ancestors of ours.

As time moved on and we reach the era of the settlers, a person that owned some land and built it up with their own two hands was pretty impressive. Being a sharp dresser after taking the weekly bath to head into town on the weekend was also pretty impressive. Again, times have changed, but we can see an independent person that bathed and dressed well was impressive to women back then and is just as impressive today. Good grooming matters. If a woman can see you aren’t willing to take the time to wash your hair, it’s a short walk to assuming you don’t wash your nether regions either – and no one is going down on Sir Smelly Sack.

Sharp Dressed Men

As the era of romance bloomed, we saw that making a sacrifice for a woman through some noble gesture was always impressive. Well…Almost always. It is still good form to do the little things like pulling out a chair, opening a door, or even in the grandest of gestures tossing your coat over a puddle so a lady can cross without making a mess of her footwear. Of course you could just point the puddle out and guide her around, but once in awhile going for broke pays off. I would suggest you avoid lopping off body parts to present as a token of your enamored state to impress a woman. It didn’t work for Van Gogh when he cut off his ear, it won’t work for you. In reality, these days you would wind up in jail or a mental ward. Just don’t do that, but do be a gentleman and show you are willing to put a woman first.

Marching forward, we encountered the era of the tough bad boy that presented a front of not caring what a woman thought about him. His stony, unfeeling exterior was impressive and irresistible to women. Well, it kinda worked briefly, but then you have to recall the ultimate bad boy this behavior was lifted from was James Dean and he was more into the lads than the ladies if you catch my drift. Naturally, this led to the sensitive man era in which Alan Alda told every man on Earth it was okay to cry and be in touch with their feelings and hate them self for being a callous man. This worked for a couple years as women were impressed by men that could be so open and honest. Of course it died out and women wanted something different again. Jimmy Carter was Mr. Sensitive, but by the time the hostages were in Iran for 444 days, women were looking for an ass-kicker again – so long as he showed his emotions.

So from this brief walk through what women were impressed by through history, we can now take the best parts of those tactics and apply them to you today. Try to be a man that bathes and wears clean clothes. Don’t mail her any body parts you have cut off of yourself or someone else, but do show her that you will go the extra mile to make her happy. Try to avoid clubbing anything to death, but do show her you are self sufficient and good provider that will protect her. Be sensitive to her needs and views, but don’t be a wimp.

If all else fails be confident in yourself and and be the great person you already are. If she isn’t impressed by you as you are, she just isn’t worth it! There are too many women out there who will be impressed by you being you to worry about the ones who are not. Or, you could pay for it – just sayin’…..


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  2. One thing that grates on me the most is when I hold a door open and it is not acknowledged. I have to say it is down to about 25% who will say thank you.

  3. Fun topic and a creative approach.

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  6. This IS nice and also fun!

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