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10 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Posted by mandyf on December 2, 2011

The things women wish men knew stretches well beyond the magic number of ten, and the same could be said in reverse in all fairness. There really is no universal set of answers all women are likely to agree with on this topic, but there certainly are ten things it is safe to say most women wish men knew. In no particular order as each reason can easily swing up or down the list depending on a persons mood that day or the man in question, the top ten things women wish men knew are presented for your consideration, debate, and amusement. Why not have a little fun while making a point?

Female doctor! Imagine that!

10. Women wish men knew we had a brain that processes information beyond cooking, cleaning, and finding creative ways to stretch their mans credit limit. The fact is women think about the same things men do, just from a slightly different angle in most cases. If men knew this imagine how much easier communication would be?

9. Staying with communication, women really like it when you look them in the eye when having a conversation. In case a guy isn’t aware of how to do that, just tilt your head slightly up so you are no longer staring at her chest. You are not Superman, and those x-ray specs you got from Bazooka Joe wrappers are not going to work any better now than they did when you were a kid.

8. Women are not turned on by really bad pick up lines. Telling a woman her dress would look great on your bedroom floor is not going to make that happen. If you really want to meet a woman, just introducing yourself works far better and is more likely to save you from seeing what she learned in her crotch punching class the previous week.

This does not work

7. Unless you are the father of her children, or one of her children for that matter, women really don’t want you call them mommy, momma, mom, or any derivative of that moniker. A few may, but for the most part that isn’t going to fly. It’s just a bit on the creepy side and creates too many disturbing mental images.

6. Real women are not like the ones portrayed in mens magazines. You will not find a real woman in the middle of a field straddling the hood of a car in camouflage lingerie for no apparent reason. In fact it is likely she will never have any reason to do this. That is something which is your fantasy, not likely hers, so don don’t expect it to ever really happen no matter how many years you make it your birthday wish when blowing out the candles.

Sure it hurts - just not as much as pushing a human out of your vagina!

5. Women want men to know that it is considered justifiable homicide if you try to compare the pain felt stubbing your toe to the pain they felt carrying and delivering children. Women realize that stubbed toe, jammed finger, or paper cut may really hurt, but when it comes to comparing it to child birth, just don’t go there. No jury will convict her when the case goes to trial.

4. Women for the most part are not going to consider getting something like a vacuum cleaner a desired or acceptable anniversary or birthday gift. That is unless of course it comes with a new house to use it in, or perhaps even a room in the house that was renovated just for their own personal sanctuary. Women want you to know when it comes to gifts, we’d rather get something with some meaning that lets us know you were really thinking about us. Please don’t use the line of thinking which starts with “I knew your car needed an oil change…” and ends with “here’s 4 quarts of top grade Penzoil!” That is not the type of thought that is going to work well.

3. Women want you to know that sometimes just offering to help out is better than actually helping out. If your lady takes care of the chores in the house and your domain is outside the house, it might be a good idea to not encroach on her space. Yes the laundry may be backed up, and she may be very busy, but if you aren’t too swift with that chore, don’t do it. Chances are you’ll make things worse. Just offer so she knows you are willing to help. In most cases she wants that far more than shrunken newly pink, formerly white underwear. You likely feel the same way.

2. Women want men to know being doted over is fine, in fact it is charming. Being stalked is flat out creepy. There are few things worse than a man that constantly hovers over a woman tracking her every move. It screams insecurity, lack of trust, and some serious needy behavior. None of those traits are attractive.

We have manuals on this stuff - we really dig orgasms!

1. Finally women want me to know that we enjoy sex just as much as they do, but we’d like a little foreplay first. You warm the car before driving it in the winter, the oven is pre-heated before going into use, sex is like that in a way. If you try to crank it up cold you are not gong to get the best results. Also note, just saying “you look pretty”, or “Wanna do it?” does not count as foreplay.

There are so many more things women wished men knew about them, but sadly there is not enough room in cyberspace to list it all. Also there should be some mystery between the sexes anyway, it keeps things spicy. It is knowing what should and shouldn’t be a mystery that creates the confusion, the above ten points should not be a mystery. Some might even say they should be run on the bottom of the television screen during football games until they sink in.


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