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Trekkline – A community for everyone but homosexuals

Posted by mandyf on November 30, 2011

I recently had someone online tell me they were looking for some writers at this place called Trekkline. I never heard of it before, so I took a look real fast to see what was up with it. What is on the site looks pretty pathetic, but for a start-up what could you really expect? The videos seemed nice, they had a decent batch of categories to work with, many I had experience in, so I took a shot and sent in a query. I mentioned that I have covered fashion, medical issues, dating and that at one point I did some sports blogging at gay.com. I gave him no links to my work or any profiles of mine online. Sure he could Google me, but it didn’t seem to be the case – if it was, it would be easy to see that in actuality I write very little about homosexuality compared to other topics.

Here is the actual response I got in return: (Email addresses removed by me)

cIvan Desir mcivandesi to me
show details 2:37 PM (2 hours ago)
I’m very much interested,The only concern is we’re not looking for content that involves homosexuality.

I’m very much excited in getting you linked up on Trekkline.


To: mcivandesir
Subject: [Website feedback] Call for bloggers via Twitter
From: a
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 10:57:56 -0500

A sent a message using the contact form at http://www.trekkline.com/contact.

I was directed to your tweet by a colleague, and depending on what you are looking for I may be interested. I have over 2,000 pieces of developed online content, a ranked blog, full array of active social media accounts, knowledge of SEO and SMM, and in the past 45 days I have had 1 viral blog post (130k+ hits in 24 hours) which I can verify. I have covered sports at Gay.com in the past, social issues, fashion, dating, health related issues – almost everything except religion and politics whenever possible. Thanks and have a great day.

Here’s the thing – if you are going to post this as an introduction to your community/site – be honest: (My emphasis)

“Trekkline deals with meeting people from all different walks of life in their needs like educating the young and the old, linking companies or firms that deal in finance, consoling, business expansion, finding jobs and etc. to people with those specific needs, all through an online community. Trekkline also emphasizes on informing the online community. We believe that a community should be informed on what’s going on around their city, state, country and world. Each individual within an online community should have the opportunity of being knowledgeable about current events that is relevant to them through their online community. When many people are gathered together, a wealth of opportunities should come into existence. Trekkline is providing people with an opportunity to live life differently. An online community should provide opportunities for people to better their lives economically, socially and intellectually. Trekkline is an online community with an all-purpose emphasis, it accentuates on serving the online community in all aspects of life. It strongly believes in informing the community locally, nationally and globally. It provides opportunities for the community economically, socially and intellectually.”

It seems wrong to talk a big game about “community” and reporting on things “relevant” to “community” members and dealing with “people from all walks of life” if what you really mean is all of that EXCEPT for how it applies to homosexuals. If you are gay, much of what you might find relevant will not be there. If you are gay, you don’t fit into the Trekkline vision of “family” or community. Trekkline would at least be honest if they came out right on the site and said ” NO HOMOS ALLOWED” and billed them self as a backward cousin of match.com. Trekkline appears to be an online community for hetero’s only.

I have no problem with Trekkline having a policy of “no homo” regarding what is on their site. It’s their site, they can be bigoted in any manner they choose. I don’t mind that. I do mind that a site that has coverage of topics like family, parenting and relationships somehow cannot see that there are gay people in the world who are parents, have families and strong healthy relationships. To exclude them purposely is a form of discrimination. It is definitely marginalization.

Let’s be real – can you have a style section without gays? Seriously? Sports without gays? Everyone pretends, but there are piles of gays in pro and collegiate sports around the world. Entertainment? Super GAY! Business – lot’s of gays doing A-Okay!

Here is the danger in playing the “we don’t want any association to homosexuality card” – where does it start and stop? Is it okay to mention the new Dolce & Gabanna line even though they are gay? Can you mention “Torchwood” in television coverage even if john Barrowman plays a bisexual and is gay in real life? Is Glee off limits? Is it okay to mention these things but only in the theoretical “it’s just entertainment vein of thought?

Can you mention legislation that impacts gays? Is it okay to announce a new state legalizing marriage, only okay to mention when states deny marriage equality, or is it a community where everyone pretends that there is marriage equality and there is no need to discuss weird fringe elements of the population. Is it okay to report when a homosexual wins a Nobel prize, Oscar, Tony, Grammy, or any big award? Is Trekkline without Gaga? The one place on the web where Gaga does not exist or is she an exception because she draws traffic?

The thing is – be honest. let people know up front in no uncertain terms when they enter the site that there is no representation of the gay community present. gays are welcome to visit so long as they don’t mention gay topics. Writers can write about the significant topics touching their lives to educate the community so long as it does not involve homosexuality. gays are free to generate their lame ass ad revenue, but not to be real community members free to express them self.

Be real – Trekkline – No homos allowed.


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