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Posted by mandyf on November 29, 2011

This week we found a lot blogs and posts that are kind of like our first feature – good, bad and ugly. Actually we found a lot of bad and ugly, but we did get a few good ones. Take a second to visit them and enjoy! We did the legwork for ya!

Kindle Fire Docking Stations: The Decent, The Shameful, & the Downright Bad

We love this post because it deals with a couple of our favorite things – e-readers and pointing out products that are total crap. The e-readers are fine – Kindle Fire is pretty damn skippy! What people try to pass off as reader docks on the other hand is a whole different world. We love seeing people trying to pull a fast one get exposed – and this post does that with pictures to spare. Seriously though, it’s informative and humorous and that goes a long way with us.

What the Costumes Reveal

If you ever thought the asshole on the other end of the phone line that was threatening to foreclose on your home was a total douchebag deserving to be raped by a herd of rabid howler monkeys that have gingivitis, STDs and generally poor manners – here is proof you were right all along! In a phenomenal article written by Joe Nocera for the NY Times, you get a first hand look at the mentality of what these douchebags are like up close and personal – at least at one scumbag firm called Steven J. Baum. The pics say it all and although it is hateful to say – you’d just love to see these skanks lose their home and have to pull a train to keep themselves in Thunderbird. The story is old, but it needs to be repeated over and over again.

They’re OUR Bitches: My View on Politics and Why it Should Be Yours Too

Are you sick of politics? Are you sick of members on both sides of the aisle getting elected and then not getting anything done? Are you sick of politicians acting like WE the people exist for them and not the other way around? Ms. Eckles believes that too and she took the time to spell out exactly why our elected leaders are our bitches! Check this out:

“They do our grunt work to keep society flowing smoothly. Laws should be for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Any law that tells you what you can read, who you can talk to, or where you can go, what you can wear — that’s a dictatorial law of an autocratic fascist and you really shouldn’t even listen to it, because it came into being by your bitch (aka politician) usurping the job you gave them for their own agenda.”  – This one is worth two reads!


First date mistakes to avoid for lesbians

This is just funny – like lesbians need special rules for dating. There is some stuff there that is serious and decent advice for anyone to pay attention to. The bait line: “Lesbians are in no way immune to the same foul ups everyone else makes, but at times it seems they may make a few blunders unique to them alone. Of course that may be stereotyping a little bit as each individual is different and prone to find new and creative ways to foul up a first date, but since we are going to discuss this topic, why not have some fun with it.”


Yup, this week is just 4 instead of 5 because we didn’t see a 5th that grabbed us enough to feel like tossing it out there. If you know someone that needs a shout out or has a really killer blog to share, let us know! Seriously, just comment below and we’ll take a look. If we like it, we’ll hook you up!



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