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The Tea Party vs OWS – Are teabaggers really worse than the Occupy crowd they despise?

Posted by mandyf on November 28, 2011

After searching not that long or hard for any proof that the claims of a number of teabaggers have made that no teabagger has been arrested while over 5,000 OWS protesters have, we learned a few important things – or reinforced a few things in our memory so firmly they will not be dislodged.

1. Teabaggers, are in large part, full of shit.
2. Teabaggers, are in large part, full of shit.
3. Teabaggers and their preferred media outlets, are in large part,  full of shit.

Points one and two were repeated because they are really, really full of shit! The point of this post is not however to blindly throw around an accusation like that. In order for it to mean anything, it has to be substantiated. Complaining for the sake of complaining alone is just whining. Complaining about inaccuracies that can be proved is a whole different ball of wax.

A popular, and very misleading graphic that is circulating, cites that there have been no teabaggers arrested while over 5,000 OWS protesters have been arrested. It is true that over 5,000 OWS protesters have been arrested, but it is inaccurate that no teabaggers have been arrested. A lot of teabaggers have been arrested, and many more have made shameful fools of them self and left them self open to litigation should private parties decide to pursue them. Let’s look at the numbers – and keep them round for ease of math.

5,000 OWS protesters arrested

* As of 10/19/11, 992 arrests were made in NYC, over 700 from the Brooklyn Bridge sweep” two weeks earlier. (Charges dropped by DA)

* Thirty-two people were arrested on suspicion of resisting and delaying police officers and failing to disperse, UC Berkeley police Lt. Alex Yao told the Daily Californian, which live blogged the events. They were sent to Glenn E. Dyer Detention Facility in Oakland for processing. Just before midnight Thursday, Yao said 39 protesters had been arrested so far.

* Woodruff Park, Atl., Police made a number of arrests, mostly people who disobeyed orders to stay on the sidewalk. Police on Oct. 26 arrested more than 50 people they say were violating a city ordinance by staying in the park after closing.
* Anti-Wall Street demonstrators of the Occupy Chicago movement stood their ground in a downtown park in noisy but peaceful defiance of police orders to clear out, prompting 130 arrests early Sunday, authorities said. Chicago police said Sunday morning that 130 arrests had been made. Kaunert said none of those arrested had resisted.

* Seattle officers arrested a 39-year-old man for writing graffiti with chalk on the walls of Westlake Park. He was booked into county jail for property damage.

* Cincinnati, Ohio: Protest said they will continue their occupation despite the arrests of more than 20 members for refusing to leave a downtown park. Police arrested 23 people for trespassing early Friday, when the park was closed for the night.

* Manchester, NH – Eighteen protesters were cited by Manchester police for violating a city ordinance prohibiting people from being in parks at night.

* Chicago – Police arrested 175 protesters early Sunday after hundreds refused to take down tents and leave Grant Park when it closed at 11 the night before.

Just as a sampling, that is  1,441 arrests of the “5,000” number the teabaggers tout right there – and keep in mind that several hundred from the Brooklyn Bridge incident were dismissed – not that teabaggers acknowledge the DA having that ability. To them everything counts, and writing on a wall with chalk might as well be murder. There is no rational train of thought. Have there been some serious crimes at OWS locations – without a doubt. Were those people all necessarily connected to OWS events? Nobody is sure about that in every case. As far as teabaggers are concerned, any crime committed in the vicinity of an OWS location is an OWS crime.

For example, a car is stolen from a parking garage a couple blocks from an OWS camp out site. Immediately, tebaggers want to claim that OWS is stealing cars – not that it is Baltimore and car theft is damn near an industry in that sinkhole of a city. The simple act that someone that is connected to, knows someone connected to, or once walked past an OWS display must be responsible and that the action of a single person speaks for all. It’s the teabagger way.

How about some teabagger arrests?

* Teabagger Rand Paul had the full and forceful support of his disciples as evidenced by their wrestling a woman to the ground and then stepping on her head. The video speaks for itself – that is the way all teabaggers are – right?

* An oldie but a goodie was when nine teabaggers were arrested for their descent on capitol hill to protest healthcare reform in November of 2009. Yeah, they were arrested, but ask a teabagger and the event never happened. Or they weren’t really teabaggers. Sometimes the news got it wrong. There is always an excuse, but never an admission that these were in fact teabaggers that were arrested – for protesting – just like OWS protesters…Hmmmm

Okay – lets pretend we’re teabaggers and pretend neither of the above events have anything to do with the tea party – after all – we can’t 100% prove they are teabaggers  (just as they can’t prove every person that is or isn’t OWS)! How do teabaggers deny these though?

* SC tea party leader Anthony Trinca and his 23 year old son Michael were arrested for selling pirated Microsoft software. They really did it – no denying it at all – the police records are PUBLIC RECORDS!

* “Steve Stevlic, one of the top organizers of TeaCon 2011, describes himself as an ordinary family-values man. But, as Gawker reported today, he’s not ordinary in at least one sense: He was arrested last summer for soliciting a prostitute.”  This is another one that is pretty hard to explain – and again – tebaggers will tell you he does not represent them or is no longer involved with their movement. Still – he was one of their biggest guns when he was trolling for hookers – or pursuing his happiness as tea baggers might say.

* Daniel Knight Hayden is a teabagger that was not only dumb enough to make death threats in the name of the tea party, he was dumb enough to do it via Twitter. Seriously – here’s the screenshot. Teabaggers disavow him, but the thing is he is a teabagger, spoke as a teabagger, and that does make him a teabagger statistic.

* Two more teabaggers arrested  at the Monkey Junction protest: “By the end of the regularly scheduled council meeting, Wilmington police, who turned out in large numbers to control the expected crowd, had charged at least two men with disrupting an official meeting, a misdemeanor.”

* 3/16/11 – CBS News reported Wednesday that a violent man waving a tea party flag was arrested at a Democratic rally in Houston, Texas after he charged the podium.

* Timothy R. Coomer, 39, was intimidating people in the front row of the “Feet to the Fire” tea party rally.

* FBI Arrests Tea Party Activist, U.S. Attorney’s Son in Plot to Bug Landrieu’s Office

Teabaggers say none of the above have anything to do with “their” movement, nor are they even “real” teabaggers. They are sometimes cited as plants to smear the movement, or people just claiming to be teabaggers to get some exposure or pick an asinine response and use that – it’s all the teabaggers are doing.

Teabaggers site 10+ OWS related rapes. Tea baggers don’t rape anyone right? They’re all so old and in depends diapers already that they have no interest in sex anyway right? Wrong! Some teabaggers are very interested in sex – and even sex with children. Yeah, there is evidence.

* Teabagger Charles Dyer aka “July4patriot” online, “Arrested for Child Rape; Cops Find Stolen Grenade Launcher In His House”. “As the story from KAUZ-TV notes, Dyer had a history of making bizarre claims in his videos — as well as violent fears of being arrested.

“We come home and those bastards want to talk about how we’re domestic terrorists and a threat to this country. It makes me so angry,” said Charles Dyer, who has been accused of committing rape.

… More incriminating evidence against Dyer has surfaced in a YouTube video. The video shows Dyer, a former U.S. Marine, talking proudly about domestic terrorism. “Join the military?”, said Dyer. “Depends on what you want to do with it. Me? I’m going to use my training and become one of those domestic terrorists that you’re so afraid of from the DHS reports.”

… “I’m certainly not going to be hiding from my command anymore. I’m not hiding from ATF. Not hiding from FBI. Any organization. If they want to come get me I’m not going to be afraid,” Dyer said.

“Patriots, we are not overpowered. If we united under one banner and fight for our children’s liberity and the constitution, our resolve is invincible to any standing army,”

Here is the point – OWS has some messed up stuff going on at some of the events. Some members of OWS are messed up. Some teabaggers are messed up, and some of their events are messed up. Imagine all those gun-totin’ teabaggers camping out just a few days like OWS – how many gunshot victims would there be? How many rapes would there be? Would teabaggers never need to shit or piss? Do they have magic bladders that never fill? Do the idiotic actions of a few define the many? Each side says yes when it is in relation to the other side.

I don’t agree with everything about OWS. I don’t disagree with everything the teabaggers stand for either. What I do disagree with is the mentality that many teabaggers have which basically boils down to being 100% in their camp or being a worthless piece of crap. They are butt puppets – plain and simple. By the same token, I am appalled to see people crashing OWS events that are so high they don’t know what their own damn name is. It makes the movement seem trivial in some regards. However – that and the peripheral elements of crime are what you get at ANY major event that runs a course of days.

Hell, I am the product of a rape that occurred at Woodstock. No, the rapist was not a “hippie” or “stoner”, he was a ranking officer of the military stationed at West Point that made a trip to extract his daughter and a couple of her friends (my mother included) and decided he was horny and who would believe a stoned hippie kid over a decorated officer – aside from his peers that did convict him? How many rapes have occurred at tailgating events at major sports events? In the infield of speedway tracks where people are camped out? Shit happens, and it is not excusable or right, it just happens.

Teabaggers – please – stop being douche bags. Realize that many of you were protesting in the 60’s. Realize how stupid it is to piss off the generation that is eventually going to be responsible for your daily care when you are a tad bit older and more feeble and need someone to feed you and wipe your ass like a small child. How likely will the younger generation be to feel compassion for an aging generation that mocked them, trivialized their concerns, and generally called them lazy whiners for nothing more than the want of a job that could actually support them?

One of the things that I personally have noticed about many teabaggers I have encountered in real life is that they are for lack of a better word – delusional. They scream about how they don’t want that government healthcare and they don’t use anything that tax dollars go into. They say that while owning a car driving down streets paid for with tax dollars to buy food grown via government subsidy programs created to support farmers. Driving a vehicle produced by a company bailed out by the government with a loan from a bank bailed out by the government.

To a person, the teabaggers I personally know share certain common traits:  They have not encountered a major illness in the family they have been financially responsible for. They are in the 40’s+, have stable jobs (some that depend on Govt. contracts), some retirement money, and they believe they are going to retire in good shape – even if the government doesn’t conduct business the tea party way. In essence, they underestimate their future needs, overestimate what they actually have, ignore thepossibility of serious illness and for good measure pretend that they tax dollars they “want nothing to do with” are not paving roads, paying for police, fire departments, the military, farming subsidies, domestic disaster relief etc… they are the same people that never – and I mean NEVER – send back their income tax refund. They never turn down stimulus package money. In fact, they hold their hand out just as much as any person they look down on – but it’s okay because they are holding their hand out in a different line.

It’s like this dick nose we’ll call Al Fundie. He claims to support the tea party stance – take no tax money, be self supporting, just take care of yourself kind of guy. Except when it comes to a severely ill child he had then he was willing to take every cent he could grab from the government – that is different. Actually, the tea party way would be to let a severely ill child dependent on govt. funds to survive to just die. Not an exaggeration – just the way it is. This makes my second point about teabaggers and their delusions – everyone is a hypocrite – except for them!

They often forget that many of them never actually “made” anything – again in reference to those I personally know. They live in homes they inherited. They inherited money, stocks, bonds, property etc… They never actually did it all on their own- they had help getting to the point where they felt they could bitch at others who were less affluent. Not all teabaggers are that way, but a massive proportion of those I actually know are. They don’t seem to get the picture clear in their mind that times have changed.

Teabaggers seem to forget that entitlements are not handouts. They are things which are EARNED by actions that ENTITLE a person to them at a later time. They also forget, far too often, that what they say often produces a record. Now lets look at just one more thing that nobody on the teabagger side seems to be willing to compare to OWS – their actual attitudes.

Here are real posts from real teabaggers:

At   http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2808548/posts

>>…What in hell do they want?…<<

“I don’t think they really *want* anything. I think it’s part & parcel of the liberal condition to gripe & moan. They are incapable of being content unless they are complaining about something. Income disparity is simply a pretense for gathering together for a self-reinforcing social event of self-righteous indignation. If congress somehow legislated an instant transfer of every last penny from “the rich” to be equally distributed amongst those OWS pan-handlers, they would still find something to complain about. Their unquenchable yearning to gripe & moan may be genetic for all I know…

And like I’ve opined before, “all the weed one can smoke” probably has something to do with it too.” posted by rightistight

Also from the abovementioned anal polyp:
“All you occukids with the pop up tents
You better run better run
Outrun my gun”

Nice, huh? Wonder who that really is when not hiding behind a stupid pseudonym…

Let’s check out some teabagger video!

That man is Chris reichert, and he did apologize, as did the pantload that started it, but let’s face it – that is typical teabagger douchery.

Tea Party Republicans Mocks A Dead Baby And Mothers Family….

This is just….Seriously? Gucci shades, designer clothes, immaculate mani – and no freaking clue why they are actually there other than ummm. Restoring …um honor and stuff… ummmm

Not to be overly snaky, but these people are proof birth control should be freely available.

The brave man is Edward Kimmel, 58, of Takoma Park, MD.

Simply Disgusting

And for good measure – Straight from the top of the teabagger movement.

Make your own mind up, make your own choices as to what is real and isn’t. Just beware that the teabagger propaganda machine works overtime. It has a vested financial interest in marginalizing every dissident voice it can. Teabaggers are not about liberty, family values or equality for all Americans. Teabaggers are out for their own. Their attitude is “I got mine – fuck you!” That is not hype, that is reality. Do your homework and make informed decisions.


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