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The best Halloween light shows – They make Ozzy proud!

Posted by mandyf on October 25, 2011

Halloween light shows kick ass! What really kicks ass about Halloween isn’t the candy (okay a little bit), women dressed as sluts for a costume (okay a lot) or the typical run of the mill haunted houses. For me what makes Halloween kick so much ass is the amazing light shows. People with creative genius rivaled only by Ron Popeil have poured who knows how much money and programming genius into making amazing Halloween light shows at their homes – or wherever they did it – this year that might make 2011 the king, or Dark Prince, of Halloween light shows.

Here we have the best Halloween light shows caught on film and stuck out there on the web. We’d love to have some local fare to include but our neighbors kinda suck and think a pumpkin next to the front door is scary enough. We here at Mind Candy like to go the extra mile. We like lights – and lot’s of them. We want bats and stuff. We want decapitated baby dolls hanging from trees like Isle de la Muerte. WE WANT OZZY!!!!!!!

Here ya go – our favorite Halloween light shows! (If you have a problem with seizures, some of these may not be safe to watch).

This is one stellar light show complete with an Ozzy soundtrack – Diary of a Madman and Crazy Train! Ignore the occasional passing traffic. They were courteous enough to move along quickly and the jams are killer.

W’re loving this video because we are down with skeletons! The singing pumpkins are pretty cool too – but we like the skeleton. On top of that, we are really down with “Go Go Godzilla” because that song is really underplayed and we want to bring it back to heavy rotation on the radio. Okay, that isn’tlikely to happen, but can it hurt to try?

We’re not huge Michael Jackson fans, but who isn’t a fan of “Thriller”? The singing pumpkin is getting heavy play this year, and the peripherals on this one aren’t necessarily the bomb, but it’s Thriller! They do get big props for the color changes and some seriously intense use of mini spotlights that really make a few parts pop. The Vincent Price pumpkin kicks the colonel’s ass. Flat out makes our taint tingle! Yeah we get it is a 2010 display, but we don’t care. We like it!

This one is lacking the music to make it pop, but if you were a kid out getting some candy, it might make you doodle a little. For an adult, this wouldn’t be so bad. The little people on the other hand may require an anal hygiene check.

The Carroll’s make the list with their light display because we are hardcore RHTS people here and we love to do the “Time Warp” every chance we get. “It’s just a jump to the left and then a step to the right.” C’mon, you know how to do it and you KNOW you want to do it! We’re digging the ghosts to the right of the screen – they look pretty damn real!

Another from 2010, but we don’t care because we like some BEP once in awhile. This light display lives up to “pump It” and we’re thrilled about that! High energy, big lights, good tunes, and it makes us want to dance among the headstones!

Techno fans will seriously dig this place! The tunes are pumping, you just know that a little E – not that we’re endorsing that – and a few glow sticks would make this the mad party destination! You just have to read the comments to know this is da’ BOMB house to party at!

There you have the roundup. if we missed a killer house let us know! We can always add it in. If you didn’t make the list don’t hate! Make a case for inclusion and we’ll check you out!


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