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Military Discounts you need to ask for – discounts from burgers to laptops ready to be claimed

Posted by mandyf on October 13, 2011

Military discounts are something that the men and women serving in the Armed Forces deserve. They get lousy pay, they often wind up in locations that are not the type that recruiters sell a career with and they have written a blank check to the United States that is payable at any time for any amount up to and including their own life. Trust me, a discount on some goods and services is the least we can do for them. While some military discounts are quite well known at venues like hotels, there are loads of discounts that many people have never thought of – and should be taking advantage of. In many cases, these discounts are available to reservists and guardsmen as well as veterans.

Here are some of the military discounts that are available and are likely little known. Even big chains like Arby’s don’t always announce they offer a military discount so it remains a secret to many people. It’s like the secret items on a menu – always available if you know to ask for them!  Keep in mind that in some cases, individual franchise owners may choose not to extend a discount. In other cases, they may offer a different percentage off. Each of these have however been tested and did in fact honor requests for a military discount in the last 6 months.

IHOP – The International House of Pancakes offers a 20% discount just for asking for it. In most cases, they will ask to see some form of military ID, but in others they will honor with no need to prove your military status. Unlike many other restaurants, IHOP will take 20% off the entire bill, not just the order from the service member. If you have a family, this is great!

The Apple Store offers a government employee discount which covers the military. The discount varies, but you will get some kind of break. In order to get started, you need to sign up here – http://www.apple.com/r/store/government/

Boston Market offers a 20% discount on orders. As much as they can nail you for on some of their meals (And they are worth it!), a break of this size is a shame to not ask for.

Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) offers a discount of 10% off

To take advantage of the Hewlett Packard military discount, log on to website and then click on New User Registration. Enter first and last name, user name, password and email address. Use company code: 2727.  The discounts vary and are only available online, but it has been verified that up to 15% has been taken off. It does however seem that not all items qualify, and less popular items have the best discounts – that is just from user experience, HP does not release any information regarding how they decide on their discount rates.

Payless Shoe Stores offers a 10% discount with valid ID – 7 out of 8 locations we visitid also honored that 10% military discount in addition to any other specials like BOGO.

Subway offers a 10% military discount with a twist – it is only valid in “non-military” locations. This did hold true in one location in a military town, but not another only a couple miles away. In towns with no military installations, the results have been mixed. Too often, getting the discount requires getting the manager as the counter help had no idea they offered it.

In addition to IHOP, Boston Market and Subway, there are loads of different places to eat from burger joints to sit down restaurants that offer some form of a military discount. Unfortunately, many of these places leave the amount of the discount, or whether to offer it at all, up to the franchisee who often then leaves it up to the manager. It is their choice, but it often means there is little consistency from one location to the next.Here is our list in Alphabetical order for ease of reference.

Back Yard Burgers
Burger King
Captain D’s
Carl’s Jr.
Cotton Patch
Dunkin’ Donuts
Golden Corral
Java Cafe
Long John Silver
Maggie Moo’s
The Melting Pot
Pancho’s Mexican Buffet
Panda Express
Papa Murphy’s
Pat & Oscar’s
Pizza Hut
Red Robin
Taco Bell
Texas Roadhouse

A few places you might not expect to offer a military discount include:

Panties.com offers free military shipping.

Florsheim Shoes offers 20% online orders by using coupon code Link20

Adam and Eve offers a variety of military discounts from free shipping to 10%-15% off. It all depends on whether you are shopping on or offline or whether a particular store manager wants to offer one.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and more will come as we cull the data. Military discounts are out there – you just have to ask in most cases! It’s not just the big chains like Lowe’s or Home Depot. We even asked for a discount at a local restaurant just to see – and although they had no policy, the manager was happy to offer 10%.


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