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The mystery of King Tut’s missing penis -The boy king is hating the afterlife….

Posted by mandyf on September 29, 2011

King Tut never had it easy, a boy king and all that responsibility. He was running an empire at ten instead of hanging out doing whatever other kids did during that time. Current evidence shows he was a sickly child on top of that, so even if he had the time to be a normal kid, he likely would have been teased over his ailments as only kids can do. Now in death, his penis is gone. If you subscribe to the theory that you need all the parts you had on Earth to get along properly in the afterlife, King Tut got the short end of the stick because his penis is missing. While it is funny to laugh at Steve Martin performing King Tut, a missing penis is never a laughing matter (mostly it isn’t). Okay, it has nothing to do with Tut’s missing penis, but this flat out kicks ass!

Believe it or not, as weird as it sounds, there has been mystery surrounding the penis of the boy King for over 40 years. Around 1968 it was noted that his member was not where it was supposed to be. It was reported to have come loose and been lying separate from the body. Zahi Hawass, who is Egypt’s chief archaeologist confirms King Tut’s penis is no longer one with his body, but also notes it is well developed so you can’t really go the George Costanza route and speculate about shrinkage. It probably isn’t possible for a mummy penis to undergo that humiliation anyway.

Public Domain Photo

From the opening of Tut's Tomb

Part of the mystery is that when the mummy was discovered in 1922, everything including the penis was where it was supposed to be according to the original reports. It remained in place for a reported 46 years which removes the theory that it was stolen during WWII which some have speculated. It was then missing for 38 years before turning up on a CT scan. Now is where the real speculation begins.

There is a growing conspiracy theory of mythic proportions which is part science and part… well part just weird. German researchers have claimed their peers that conducted the investigation into what killed King Tut have it all wrong. They say Tut almost certainly would not have died from Malaria as is the popular theory now because he would have built a strong enough immunity to that by the time he reached about ten years old. They contend he had sickle-cell anemia that ultimately led to organ failure after an accident of some sort.

Add in that early autopsies of King Tut were rather brutal in nature and things got broken that shouldn’t have. Then add in there are small things aside from the penis missing that were reported as present when the body was found and the whole situation is a mess. That brings the story back to the German researchers who believe King Tut had Antley-Bixler syndrome which is a genetic mutation that can cause an elongated skull and – under-developed genitalia. King Tut did have a slightly elongated skull, and inbreeding was not an uncommon thing at the time so that lends more credence to the theory. Examining his penis would have been the final thing to check – if that could be done.

The German researchers cannot do that however because – well where is it? Then there is speculation that even if they did examine the detachable penis it may not even be the real penis of King Tut. In a weird theory that is circulating, it is theorized that if Tut did in fact have Antley-Bixler syndrome, at the time his body was being mummified, they may have switched his penis for one that was a bit more – well bigger. Even in the afterlife a king should have a staff that conveys authority and commands respect.

The problem is no one will likely know the truth for a very long time. The German research team has been denied access to King Tut, and Hawass is so dismissive of their theory that Tut could have died of anything but malaria he will not authorize a DNA sample to be run to check for sickle-cell anemia or anything else.

As for the penis of the great boy king –  maybe it is really with the body but fell off, and maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is really his, and maybe it is someone else’s.  Maybe someone stole it and sold it on the black market. That is a possibility as something like King Tut’s penis would fetch quite a bit of coin, and it would explain the 4 decades it was missing. The conspiracy theory stretches on further claiming someone simply replaced the penis with one from another mummy of a similar age before the 2006 CT scan to cover the crime for whatever reason, and that is why it was found unattached and why it is not now available for inspection.

Phot by Steve Evans

He does not look thrilled to hear he is without penis

Whatever you believe if you can believe any of it, somewhere in the afterlife, King Tut cannot be happy about this.


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