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Hot celebrity hairstyles for women 2011

Posted by mandyf on September 28, 2011

Celebrity hairstyle trends for women are always a hot issue for the trendy women that are trying to stay ahead of the curve. The right hairstyle not only feels great, it attracts attention for all the right reasons. Choosing the right celebrity hairstyle to incorporate into your look not only does that, it often draws comparisons to the celebrity that set the trend – and what woman doesn’t like hearing their name come up in the same sentence as a hot starlet? As 2010 winds down and 2011 approaches, the hottest celebrity hairstyles on the horizon for women are playful, flirty, and all out adorable.

The bob is back as can be seen on Nicole Richie. It is low maintenance, flatters many facial shapes, and easily goes from sassy to business for women that enjoy a little variety. The bob works best with straight hair or hair that has gentle curls, and draws attention to the neck and collarbone area in a manner that can be quite elegant. Heidi Klum is currently sporting the bob, and looking fantastic doing it.

Layered cuts have been hot for a couple of years now, but the current trend is heading toward even shorter layered cuts as can often be seen on Victoria Beckham. The ultra-short layered cuts trending for the foreseeable future are the epitome of low maintenance and offer a wide variety of styling options from bed-head missed to sleek and shiny. The ultra short layered cut has a pixie look to it and is best suited for women with a slightly angular face shape and waifish frame.

The shoulder length blowout is picking up momentum as celebrities are starting to go just a tad bit retro with their look. The new style blowout is not as extreme as was seen in the 70’s, it is more about adding a little extra volume and texture. if you go for a blowout, keep in mind that your hair should be flat at the crown to help avoid getting that big hair early 1980’s Bon Jovi look. You should be aiming for subtle volume that increases gently until it reaches the shoulder.

A subtle variation of the bob sported by Nicole Richie is the Keira Knightley bob. The Keira Knightley bob is a bit shorter and sleeker and eschews the puffy look. The key to this style of bob is letting your hair air dry almost completely before reaching for your blow dryer to add finishing touches. If necessary, use a little product to stop frizz and add a little sheen to your hair.

Long wavy hairstyles like Taylor Swift has been working for awhile now are becoming trendier now. Unless you already have long hair, this look cannot be pulled off without using hair  extensions. Your hair should lay flat at the crown and progress into long banana curls as it drapes down. What is making this style popular, aside from Swift, is that it can be worn in front of the shoulder, fully behind the shoulder, or pulled back in a ponytail worn behind the neck or over the shoulder.

A medium length wavy hairstyle as can be seen on Emma Watson is always fashionable. A little texturizing keeps the look very femme without going overboard. A couple of jagged cuts at the bangs can add another dimension to your look, and a little smoothing shine or gel to the crown will keep your hair from getting out of control and looking too big.

Even though she has made a few mistakes with the look, medium length curls like Kathy Heigl has gone for are getting big. This is a super femme look that can be playful or boardroom ready in the snap of a finger. Women with nearly any facial shape can pull this look off and not only look good, but great doing it. You can go with fringes, layers, or a low chignon look to transition from season to season with great ease.

Finally, a medium straight hairstyle remains among the top celebrity hairstyles list. It is a classic look that offers the near perfect combination of easy maintenance and high versatility. You can keep it traditional, or go with the Claire Danes look sporting blunt edges for something a little different. For a little extra volume, blow dry your hair upside down and give it flip.

Whatever celebrity hairstyle you choose to go with, it is hard to pick wrong. The 2011 hot celebrity hairstyles for women offer a look that will work for almost any woman and nearly all offer a high level of versatility. As can be said of any trend however, it can all change overnight, so don’t go overboard trying to get the look of your favorite starlet.


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